Five Reasons to Consider Getting Lasik Eye Treatment

by DrPrem Jagyasi

For anyone who wears either contact lenses or eyeglasses, it’s a repeating expense every so often that never seems to go away. Managing lenses is a pain and there’s always the increased risk of getting an eye infection. With eyeglasses, no matter what you do, there’s that self-conscious feeling too. To sidestep these concerns, Lasik eye treatment can remove the need for contacts or eyeglasses altogether. However, it’s not for everyone. To make the possible benefits of Lasik treatment clearer, here are 5 reasons to consider it.

1.     Correct Farsightedness and Nearsightedness

Being nearsighted or farsighted – it’s possible to be different in each eye – is quite common. If that includes you, then Lasik can resolve both issues. As a result, seeing both close-up and distant objects becomes something that no longer requires contacts or eyeglasses to achieve. Also, astigmatism that causes some blurring for distant vision can be resolved. Through Lasik consultations, it’s possible to learn whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment or not.

2.     20/20 Vision Might Be a Possibility Again

With Lasik surgery, it’s possible to achieve near or perfect 20/20 vision. If you were a child when you had perfect vision until the first pair of eyeglasses were prescribed, then it can seem revolutionary to see perfectly again.

3.     Cost-Effective

While Lasik treatment does come with an upfront investment, it will last many years with improved vision. Therefore, it delivers lasting, long-term benefits. At that point, it’s no longer necessary to change your contact lenses or replace your eyeglasses every so often. When you consider how much you would have spent over the rest of your life to do so, that adds up to a good few dollars.

4.     Lead a More Active Life

Wearing contacts and running on the beach isn’t a simple issue. The jogging up and down won’t help keep your contacts lenses in. Also, the amount of sand blowing around and the salty air will play havoc on your eyes too. Most likely you’ll need to remove your contacts and wash out your eyes afterward too. When you undergo laser eye surgery, it creates the freedom to live a more active life. Jogging on the beach, playing sports, or putting yourself through the motions in the gym will not be impeded by steamed-up eyeglasses or contact lens concerns any longer.

5.     Be More Confident

When you’re a shy type of person and it’s difficult to be confident, then worrying about lenses or wearing eyeglasses feels like another thing holding you back. Whether you want to feel good on the dance floor or lead a meeting without feeling out of place, then getting laser surgery can help to alleviate any initial concerns. The added confidence will come across well to others too.

While Lasik surgery won’t suit everyone, it is a viable option for many people. Just being able to forget about contact lenses or leave the eyeglasses in the drawer is often enough incentive to begin looking into it.

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