How to Define Beauty in a Healthier and More Sustainable Way

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Define Beauty in a Healthier and More Sustainable Way

Why is subjective beauty so important? This is not an easy question to answer. It is driven into us before we can understand language. The moment a person sees a newborn baby girl, it is mere seconds before there is a comment about how beautiful she is. From the moment a child does understand language she is inundated with messages about external appearance. The messages come from both men and women of every race and culture. This type of thing often leads to an unhealthy obsession that is unsustainable.

No one stays beautiful forever by the most common and gross metrics. That means there is something wrong with the metrics. To be sustainable, beauty has to be more than skin deep. It has to include health, and attitude, and total self-possession. A lot goes into a person. If the only thing you notice about yourself and others is outward appearance, then you are missing out on what makes a person truly beautiful.

This is not to ignore the physical. We are all given one body that has to last us for a lifetime. We are born with some features that we can do nothing about. That cannot be the definition of beauty. There are also the features that we can shape and adjust. While we wrestle with redefining beauty, we should also redefine how we achieve it:

Beautiful Hair Care

 shampoo and conditioner bar

It is past time we stop fixating on beautiful hair because hair is not what makes a person beautiful. There are many women who don’t have hair. Some have different kinds of hair. Yet they manage to exude an undeniable beauty that must be acknowledged. That said, if you are going to have hair, you need to care for it responsibly.

One way to do that is by using a shampoo and conditioner bar instead of the liquid kind that comes in a plastic bottle. Your choice of using sustainable and all natural products will not only be good for your hair and the environment, it will also enhance your natural beauty that transcends appearance.

If you want your hair to be even more beautiful than it is already, try brushing it with a bamboo hair brush. You don’t have to settle for plastic brushes anymore. The beautiful choice is one that favors all natural, non-synthetic, and sustainable materials.

Beautiful in the Morning

Beautiful in the Morning

There are many beauty hacks for looking your best every morning. But once we redefine beauty to mean something other than appearance, you will realize that you don’t have to put on your face before you are ready to face the world.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your face, or any other part of you when you wake up in the morning. There are few things more fresh and beautiful than the radiance of a person waking up from a good night’s sleep and newly facing the day. If you go to sleep with a good conscience, unashamed by how you faced the previous day, then you have nothing to be ashamed of when you face the next one. Don’t waste the first 30 minutes of your morning on your appearance. Use it by heading out for a morning run. Walk the dog and smile at your neighbors. Put a couple hundred words into that great, American novel you have been working on since forever. Address your makeup only when necessary and give it as little time as you can get away with. It is not what makes you beautiful in the morning. You were the picture of beauty even before you opened your eyes to a new day.

Beautiful Fashion

sustainable clothing

There is a movement called slow fashion. The goal is to make fashion more sustainable for more people. We are starting to see clothing lines that are produced from recycled material. Beautiful fashion is not something that is bejeweled with blood diamonds and that costs the entire net worth of the average family. That no longer looks beautiful. It looks gross. Smart, sustainable, and accessible fashion is beautiful fashion. Dress according to your true beauty, not the kind that is synthetic and fleeting.

You don’t need any hairstyle tips, wake up tips, or fashion tips to make you beautiful. Once you discover the true beauty that is more than skin deep, you will find your beauty only increases over time.

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