How to avoid going OTT on your make up

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Make up can have the reverse effect of making us look really bad when not applied properly por by going over the top. Here is how.


Not Blending

Blending is the base and foundation of makeup. When colors are not properly blended and merged together you end up looking like a “paint-by-numbers” painting.

Make sure you blend your concealer, blush, foundation, eyeshadow, and setting powders. Another good tip here, is to check your makeup in different lights.


Abuse Of Bright Colors

Bright colors are amazing for any season really but there is such a thing as too much color. Always remember that bright colors attract attention to the regions they are applied, so if you have huge eyes and hate them, a bright shade is a wrong choice.

Neutral tones are easier to work with. Bright colors are best used when they are added as an accent piece to an already neutral palette of colors.


Not Adapting To Your Age

You cannot wear the same makeup you wore when you were 16, at 40. Not only will your skin require different methods of application and different skin regiment routines, but also, that is a difference of 44 years and all the fine lines and wrinkles you must have developed.

A woman can be beautiful at any age, but your face WILL change over time and so should your makeup. You will only be going OTT.


Try a Fun Color

Orange lips and orange lipstick are a big hit and trend. Choose your exact shade, a shade lighter, or a shade darker if you want tan looking skin. Do remember to go neutral on the rest or it can go OTT.


Wrong Foundation

There are SO many choices of foundation out there all claiming to do magic but fail. Most people have  yellow undertones in the skin, not pink. And most foundations on the market are pink toned. When looking for a foundation, go with a color that will blend with your neck color and the hairline, because ultimately, this is where foundation needs to be blended into. It isn’t wrong to use 2 different shades of foundation if you have more one color on your skin, just make sure you blend well where the 2 colors meet to avoid looking cakey.


Applying Matte Lipstick Wrong

You are asking for disaster if you apply a matte lipstick without moisturizing your lips first. It looks really  BAD.

Since matte lipstick has most of the vital oils that help moisturize your lips, stripped away in order to give it a matte finish, you need to compensate.

Apply a moisturizing lip balm first. Then line your lips with a color that matches the matte lipstick. Lastly, apply the matte lipstick.

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