How to work the metallic make up

Metallic makeup can be daunting, but if you wear the right shade and apply it correctly it can really work for you and make you look amazing.


Our inspiration

Allison Williams put a fresh spin on a classic smoky eye by using a gray base shadow instead of a metallic silver one to create a stunning, shimmery effect.

If you’ve never worn metallic makeup before or want to but are not very sure of it,here are a few things you need to know before trying it on:


The right shadow

Wearing metallic makeup is a trend that lasts because it’s like putting on an amazing accessory. If you’re looking for a slight effect that’s easy to wear, go for a cream-based eye shadow and merge it in so it’s sheered out or alternatively , lightly sweep on a powder shadow, which will also make your skin to show through for a less dramatic finish. To go for a more intense statement, coat on the cream shadow or reach for a very pigmented powder.


Look for shimmers

When picking metallics, look for refined shimmers rather than glitter to avoid looking like overly made up and very shiny. Always be sure to choose a color that suits your skin tone the best. We recommend silvers and platinum, if you’re fair; bronzes and golds, if you have olive skin; and any of the aforementioned shades, if you have darker skin. If you are looking for a universal shade that everyone can pull off, then rose gold is the answer.

metallic makeup

How to apply

Applying this make up is not very hard either. We suggest experimenting with your metallic shadow by applying some onto the center of your upper lid. You can also try a speck of gold on the inside corners of your eyes to make them look bright and sparkling. If you are comfortable wearing the shimmery shadow, then do not shy away from going all out and brush it on from your lash line to your crease. Apply a small bit of metallic eye shadow under your lower lash line, and finally complete off your look with eyeliner and mascara.

Always remember that when you’re playing up your eyes and making them the focus, you want to keep the rest of your face relatively neutral so that it does not become over the top. To avoid that, opt for tawny and rosy browns on the lips and cheeks.

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