Hairstyles for women in 40s: Style your tresses to look timeless

Hairstyles to look timeless

Age is no bar when it comes to expressing your fashion sense and style statement. You must look your best irrespective of what age you are at. Crossing 40 doesn’t mean a red signal for your beauty regime and experiments. Just recall few iconic ladies of Hollywood who are still breathtaking with their style, charisma and especially beautiful locks. Be it Jane Fonda, Madonna or Helen Mirren; they still carry an aura of appeal and stand as an epitome of beauty. So ladies, it’s time to come off age, as it’s not over if you have stepped into your 40s. Let’s see how you can tweak your tresses to stand fashionable and timeless. The countdown to the mane mania begins now.

1. Back brush

This hairstyle will not only give comfort and convenience to all you middle-aged women but will also provide ample style and edge to your features. Brushing back all your hair adds a touch of seriousness and a formal attitude to your persona. So, add an air of elegance and sophistication with back brush and moreover, the style tops the chart with the hair texture in 40s.

2. Mess it up

Messy hair style

No, it’s not shaggy; it’s the coolest and trendiest this season. Aged women can definitely try this as ‘just-out-of-bed look’ to appear cool and modish. They can look equally chic and energetic at this stage and age of life. Just go after it ladies and give the young girls a run for their money.

3. Razor cut

Razor cut

Razor cut is not only versatile for all occasions and events but also gives a voluminous look to your rough locks. It can stand as one of your favorite makeover tools for parties and meetings. Hair that is growing thin at this age will appear more bouncy and dense with this style.

4. Bob cut

Bob cut

Passing of years also calls for low maintenance and care. To look presentable and maintained, Bob hairdo can be most classy and trendy with no hassles and entangles. This method of styling the hair never goes out of fashion and is just perfect for those who want to glam it up within seconds. Wearing a short hair is anyways preferred by working ladies.

5. Shoulder length

Shoulder length hair cut

It’s cool, yet short to sport. One can keep the ends bouncy, ruffled or shaggy to appear cool and smart for functions and board meetings. Funky and easy to handle, the girls will surely go ga-ga over this choice. It is surely a great way to relive the girlhood fantasies as 40s will soon be new 20s with this hair tweak. Come on, just sport it and be a trendsetter for your daughters.

6. Bold in bun

It’s flattering and fantastic. Bun carries with it an aura of sophistication. Looking neat and suave on you, it will surely make you stand out. It will also present a perfect look for office, parties and even weddings and is very easy to maintain. Mature women will love this perfect hairdo. No hair falling on foreheads now and the neatly tied-up hair will also improve your concentration.

7. Long tresses

Long tresses

Length always adds beauty to a woman. If you have long and cascading hair, you will surely move up the ladder. Just let it lose, tie into a pony or bring to your sides. Long hair will work wonders for your get-up. Nothing can be as enigmatic and beautiful as long mane. So ladies, just go after it this season and remember, you are not doomed to chopped hairstyle.

8. Side swept

This is one of the most fashionable hair-do that women follow. Bringing the entire tresses to one side gives a sweet and feminine look. Having the entire bunch on one shoulder gives a luxurious and voluminous look to your hairstyle and looks appealing.

9. Curly

Curly hair

It’s said that with curls, ladies look hotter. So get set to take years off your face. Wavy hair give an added style and a care free look. Try this hairstyle and see heads turning at this age too. Stun everybody with your image transformation and let hair play the role here.

10. Loose braid

Braiding your hair at its loose end is a wonderful option to look like a beauty. It stands somewhere between feminine and a sweet look. The hairstyle gives a simple, natural, yet stylish appearance. Just try this mane style and get gorgeous for your galas and dos.

11. Punk in pony

Pony can work best at this age. This is the easiest choice to look maintained and classy. A pony never leaves you look boring. A neat and clean style always highlights your facial features and frame. This is an apt hairstyle to look graceful and sophisticated too. So, try this for your day-to-day routine and see the change.

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