Going Green: 4 Tips to switch to a green beauty routine

Green Beauty Routine

Did you know that beauty products like shampoos, hair color, lipsticks and nail varnishes are laden with toxins like sulphates and parabens which can harm not only you but the environment as well? Imagine how great it would be to switch to greener alternatives which would help you do your bit for earth and make you look pretty in the process. Here are a few basic tips to help you to switch to a greener beauty routine.

1. Conserve Water

On an average, we waste gallons of water in basic day-to-day activities like brushing our teeth, washing our hair or taking a long leisurely shower. Instead, close the taps when you are brushing your teeth and cut down your shower time. You will save a substantial amount of water by doing this. If you are in the mood to indulge, then skip the leisurely shower and take a bath instead. Contrary to popular belief, you can save more water by doing that than taking a long leisurely shower.

2. Switch to Eco-friendly Products

Most products available in the market are full of chemicals. Read the fine print before you buy any product. Try to go for brands like Body Shop, Clarins, Phytomer, Lush etc which claim to be natural and devoid of chemicals. L’Oreal has also launched a natural range of hair products called Serie Nature. Hair coloring dyes or products which contain ammonia and other toxins are the worst for you and the environment. Switch to natural alternatives like L’Oreal’s Inoa.

3. Go Natural

Why buy expensive and chemical-laden beauty products when you can create natural ones at the comfort of your home. Use fresh fruits and vegetables, essential oils and natural ingredients to create your very own beauty products at home. These are known to be skin-friendly and in many cases give more effective results bringing out the natural glow of your skin. Avoid combs and hair brushes which are made of plastic and other artificial materials. Instead switch to products which are made of wood, bamboo and other natural fibers. Use loofahs and sponges made from natural fibers which will be good for your skin.

4. Go silicone and fluoride free

Many beauty and hair products use silicone to achieve perfect, smooth and silky hair and skin. However, it is best to avoid silicone, a product which is difficult to break down and recycle. Also, if you have no cavity problems, you should avoid fluoride based toothpastes since fluoride is hazardous to the environment as well.

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