Getting the right tan-Top tips

Getting a tan means that you will have to expose yourself to an immense amount of heat that will not be good for you are exposing yourself to UV rays that can cause cancer. So many people choose to get fake tan from salons or use the bottled versions as they can get the same results that would otherwise take hours to achieve:



No matter what brand of tanning lotion you use, it will only bring about good results if you have good skin that will result in a flawless tan.

First head to the shower and cleanse and exfoliate your skin, it is better is you use a body scrubs made by a cosmetics company that also makes tanning lotion, as they are stronger and remove excess dean skin that can destroy the way fake tan is applied. Do not use scrubs that contain oil as they stick to the skin and prevent the tanning lotion from working effectively creating patches. Also moisturize you hair line if you are tanning your face.


Remove unwanted hair:

Shave or wax a day before you get a fake tan, this way you skin won’t be too reactive or sensitive to the tanning lotion formulation.

This way you will not have to shave on top of the tanned skin that will take away some of the tan as well.



Apply the tanning product:

First apply the tanning lotion evenly on the bigger areas of the body like back, limbs and stomach. Then move on the feet, neck, knees and ankles, if the tan darkens too much on these areas, and then use a towel to buff away the product as it darkens. Use a mitt or plastic glove that will prevent the color from staining your hands.

When tanning you hands, mix cream and tanner together to get the natural look. Use a tanner designed especially for the face as it has softer ingredients, you can also use a bronzer to match the rest of your body.

Tanning creams offer the most moisturizing, there are mostly non-tinted, so make sure that you apply it evenly. Tinted gels usually work very fast, so you will have to apply them even faster, but they do have a drying effect on the skin. Sprays are perfect for topping up a tan, look for one that has a 360 degree nozzle, but it is advisable to go to a tanning salon for a perfect spray tan.

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