Facials that are talked about but are no good

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Facials are no doubt good for the skin but you should ensure that the facial that you use for your skin is good so that it does not harm your skin. There are people who ruin their skin just by using facials that are not suitable for the skin.


Why should one use facial 

Facial if used in the right way can create wonders for your skin. They help to tighten your skin, bring back the glow in your skin, and also reduce the pimples and blemishes that hamper your looks and might make you feel inferior to others. Facials also help your skin to look younger and fresh.

Here is a list of facials that people do talk about but should not use in normal cases because they may harm the skin in a variety of ways.



Do you know that if you do not follow the process of exfoliation in the correct way, it may harm your skin? Exfoliation is basically using peels of fruits or other things to rub on the skin so that the skin looks fresh and young.

The upper layer of the skin which becomes dirty and clogged is usually removed during the process of exfoliation. But if you do not exfoliate in the proper way, then the upper layer of the skin may peel off and you may have infections and it may also turn black in due course of time. 


Facials that are oily 

People with very dry skin can try oily facials. However people who have oily skin should realize their type of skin and use the right kind of facials.

Oily facials on oily skin will make the skin oilier and damage the skin causing pimples, acne and black heads. It also tends to clog the pores of the skin as well.


Bleaching facials 

Facials with bleaching creams will initially make you look fairer and whiter. However in the long run they will cause darkening of the skin, blemishes in the skin, dark spots, and patchy skin. There are people, who cannot stand the effect of bleaching and continuous facials will damage their skin.

There are various facial products that you should refer to the dermatologist before using the same on your skin. All of them are not worth using on naked skin. It may cause more harm than help.

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