Get parlor like hair spa at home

Want a relaxing day of pampering, but don’t want to spend a fortune on spa treatments? This is often a common wish of many women who have a problem with their messed up hair and long to get a hair spa done.Spa hair treatment at saloons is quite expensive. There are some home hair spa treatments which give you same results as in beauty salons. It is now possible to get these treatments at home without spending a penny in the parlor. It involves patient harnessing of the processes of massaging, shampooing, rinsing and conditioning. Here is what you need to do:- petitgrain-oil

  • Oiling is best and necessary to reduce hair fall and bring a shine to your hair. Massage your hair and scalp with warm olive oil for ten minutes. Massaging the scalp will help stimulate blood flow, which helps feed the hair, preventing hair loss and restoring healthy hair. After applying steam to hair next step is to wash your hair with mild shampoo. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type and texture. Then rinse water with lukewarm water. The water temperature should not to be too hot or too cold otherwise it may damage the hair strands. Make sure that you don’t rub your hair with towel.
  • You can prepare a naturally effective homemade hair mask to be used on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.
  • Mashed banana in addition to honey, beaten egg, milk and olive oil can be put into use, to churn out a homemade spa treatment for hair.
  • One banana pulp is to be mixed with two table measures of honey, three similar measures of milk & five measures of olive oil.
  • In order to add to the lustrous glow of hair, you can opt for an egg. The amalgam is to be applied on scalp prior to rinsing and shampooing.


Remember, hair is the most essential part of body as overall appearance of a person depends upon hair. Hair reflects the state of your inner health. Often most of us neglect hair-care that leads towards damaged and dull hair. Due to consistent exposure to sun, dust and pollution, hair becomes thrashed and brassy. Hair care is vital to keep hair thick and shiny. Just shampooing and conditioning doesn’t help in maintaining healthy hair. Fortunately, spas offer special hair treatments to keep every inch of you in tip-top shape from head to toe. All you need is in the form of deep conditioning hair spa. Hair spa treatment can be perfect solution for nourishing and rejuvenating your tresses.

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