Beauty Tips Straight from the Kitchen

Practical and economical tips can be found right in your kitchen. You do not even have to go out and especially purchase any of these.


Beauty Tips Straight from the Kitchen

Looking good is essential to us. But it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sure, we do have cosmetics to enhance looks but why not try out age-old remedies that even Cleopatra herself followed? Using cosmetics to enhance looks might have its toll in the long run. So why not try out home-remedies that you can whip up in a jiffy ?We invest in a lot of overpriced cosmetics to look good but have you tried out the various beauty products that are available to you right in the kitchen, right in your own house, that too at a very low price? Let’s find out more.


Gram Flour – It is an age old remedy and exfoliates your skin and also removes tanning. You can use it in various ways depending on your skin condition. In order to remove tan, you can mix gram flour with yoghurt, milk and lemon , make a face pack out of it and apply it on your face and neck. Wash it off with water after half an hour. Your tan will have lightened.

For people who have an oily skin, you can make a face pack out of mixing gram flour with yoghurt and apply it on your face and neck and wash it off. Gram flour can also be used on skin prone to pimples, you can make a face pack using gram flour and sandalwood paste, apply it and rinse it off after twenty minutes.


Raw Potato – Potatoes can work miracles in getting the puffiness away from under your eyes and get rid of dark circles as well. Peel two thin slices of a potato that has been refrigerated and place it on your eyes. If you do not mind the effort, you can shred small bits and place it under your eyes as well. Keeping it there for around twenty minutes will do the trick.

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Turmeric – This readily available spice which is present in almost every kitchen , is a proved remedy to acquiring healthy skin. Making a paste and applying it on your body might leave a yellow tinge but it goes off in a few washes. Mixing it lemon and applying it on the affected area cures discoloration of the skin. Turmeric also cures acne.


Lemon – Lemon is another readily available item in every household. You can add it in facepacks or if you are too tired to make one, you can apply it directly on your skin. It is perfect for a quick remedy after a tiring day, when you have to go out for dinner or a movie since it provides you instant glow. You also do not have to wait for a long time after you apply it but only till it dries off . You can then wash it off your skin. Applying lemon on your lips is also a remedy to bring out the redness of the lips. It might sting a bit but then it is worth it.


Honey – Honey takes care of all your dead skin cells and gives a smooth and glowing complexion. You can apply raw honey on your face and wash it off. Honey has anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties as well which extracts all the impurities. Honey is a natural, humectants and hydrates the skin. You can even use honey on your chapped lips, it keeps your lips moisturized .


Coffee – The abrasive texture of ground coffee enables it to be used as a natural scrub, peeling off dry skin. Coffee is also a great remedy for tired and puffy eyes. You can also make a face pack out of ground coffee and egg white, apply it on your skin, let it dry and wash it off. You will have a glowing complexion right after it. Coffee can also be applied on your hair by making a strong brew and applying it (after it has cooled down ) on your dry hair. It adds to hair luster.


Milk – Milk is a time-tested cure for beauty and has been that through ages. You see milk as an ingredient in every lotion , cream and even soap that you buy so why not use it straight from your kitchen as well ? Milk makes the skin more radiant , nourishes and softens skin as well as exfoliates the dead skin cells. You can add milk and honey and apply it on your face and wash it off in some time , which leaves your skin radiant . You can also use milk with oatmeal and use it as a scrub for your face and body.

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