Five best face masks for a glowing face

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To look fresh and young everyday is a tough task as it is time consuming. But there is a simple solution. There are several home made face masks that can be used easily and they give immediate results. These masks are made from ingredients that are easily accessible at home. Use of such masks gives the skin a healthy look and you don’t need to visit the beauty parlor frequently.

The best five home made masks for every skin type are:

1. Egg Almond Face Mask

Egg Almond Face mask

This face mask is a boon for people who have dry skin, as almonds help to recover the lost softness of the face. The skin recovers the glow instantly, as it gets the nourishment from the nut’s essential nutrients. You just have to keep this face mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. Applying this face mask will completely refresh your face.

2. Yogurt Honey Face Mask

Yogurt Honey Face Mask

This face mask is useful for all skin types. It cools the face and works well on sun burns. Adding honey to it will moisturize the skin. This kind of face mask requires just fifteen minutes and will restore the elasticity and soft, silky look of the face.

3. Honey Facial mask

Honey Facial Mask

This face mask will help you regain soft skin back as honey, down the ages, has been known for its healing qualities. It is known for being a humectant and binds moisture to skin pores. You can get a refreshing look in just 30 minutes, with your skin breathing again.

4. Apple Face mask

Apple face mask

This is a fruit face mask and adds freshness to the face. It is appropriate for people with oily skins. You can also substitute carrots for apples, the result would be same. These fruits supply vitamins to the skin, leaving a glow on the face. It takes just 10 to 15 minutes to apply this face mask and you can also add few drops of honey to it.

5. Cucumber Yogurt Facial Mask

Cucumber Yogurt Facial Mask

This facial mask is perfect for restoring the lost nutrients of the skin. It just takes 10 to 15 minutes to relax your skin and regain the smooth texture back. It is very easy to apply and very effective and works for all skin types.

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