Top International Runway Beauty Trends

When it comes to beauty looks, bare is always beautiful but so is a bit of color on the face. Fortunately the spring shows offered both options this season. There were moments of major lashes and brows but all of that was balanced by softly smudged-in eyeliner backstage. To emphasize this mix of strong versus subtle, play up the features you want to draw attention to with color or a touch of sparkle while keeping the rest of your look simple and glowing.


Beauty Trends Of This Season

Carrot, tangerine, pumpkins were the different shades of orange color. These lip hues were the highlights of the spring 2014 runway. Designers in each city chose the shade to accompany both their casual and formal designs.

Of all the trends spotted on the global catwalks, slicked-back hair was perhaps the most prominent. While it is not the easiest to pull off for the average, everyday look, these two-textured styles are perfect for after-pool inspiration. Ever since the cat-eye trend hit last year, eyeliner has become a newfound essential. Bright colors and spring go hand in hand, and for next season, you can expect eye makeup to come in every shade of the rainbow. Even if you’re not quite brave enough to wear chartreuse shadow, you can’t deny these vibrant looks will have you dreaming of higher temperatures. A Mediterranean influence swept the shows, as makeup artists dabbed their eye makeup brushes in shades of turquoise, jade and vibrant aqua.

Some beauty looks from the runway aren’t considered wearable, but that’s not the case with the low ponytail trend. It may seem too simple to pair with intricate fashions, but even designers know that going back to the basics is your best bet at times. The spring ponytails were positioned at the nape and ironed to emphasize their sleekness. For fall, the position stayed put but textures differed. When you create the low side part and sweep the hair over the forehead gives the tom-boyish style a feminine feel. Makeup artists used a light touch applying products, limiting themselves to just a dab of concealer or lip balm. It’s a good thing that these models have amazing skin anyway. Fresh, natural skin provided the perfect backdrop for the season’s best look.

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