Eye shadow combo’s fresh out for summer

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Make up during summers is different as it is hot and you will sweat a lot, so the kinds of make up formulations that you sue and the way you apply them have to be different so that your skin does no have any form of reaction to it. Another reason to change the summer make up is because a new season means that many companies bring out fresh and vibrant colors that suit the season, this is also the best time to pull out the more colorful eye shadows and play around with the different colors to get new looks that you can wear during the day while hanging out with friends and even on date nights with some one special.


The fresh and fun look:

Summer make up is about looking as fresh as possible despite the soaring temperatures. You can try experimenting with foundation so that you can get the straight off the beach look that is very minimal complemented with jus a hint of bronzer. You can also try another fun take of the beach babe look by using loads of various colors and summery shades complemented with dark shades.

To prevent damaging your skin using cosmetics during summer, make exfoliations, moisturization and apply plenty of sun screens as part of your pre make up rituals, this is also the secret behind summer make up and healthy skin.



Sun kissed look:

This look can be achieved using two shades of bronzer and applying it on the chin, nose, forehead and cheeks you can add a little on your eye lids and lips and finish with lights brown lip shades and eyeliner.


Smokey and shimmery shades;

This is a twist on the usual Smokey eyes look, and focuses on shimmer bases. The eye shadow that you use has a good amount of luster and shimmer that will make your eyes pop.


Neo Pop look;

This look has just a touch of a bright neon eyeliner or eye shadow while the rest of the eye make up remains neutral. First apply light brown eye shadow on the outer and the edges of the eye and blend it towards the center of the eye. At this point use any neon shade and apply to towards the inner corner of the eye.

Another way to wear this look is to use white eye shadow or light brown base and finish the look with neon eye liner only on the upper eye lid.

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