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Whosoever may have thought that basketball players are shaggily dressed was clearly very wrong. It is such an age of fashion that even basketball players who are known to have no sense of fashion whatsoever, as was evident way back since the 1990’s, have come to the forefront of fashion and are actually taking pains to look good, both on the court and off it. In fact, players like Dwayne Wade, Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire, Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook in the front row at fashion shows.


Of course when the players are on the court, there is not much scope for improvisation than has already been done for them. At the most they may wear a fashionable headband or something, but off the court, these players wear clothes that not only suit them, but actually look dashing. Of course, this is to be expected with most of these players getting personal designers in order to make their dress choices for them.

Making quite bold fashion statements with clothes that are not downright formal and yet not downright formal too, a sort of compromise between the two, these players are bringing the oomph in Capri pants, polka dots, fedora hats and glasses without lenses.


Dwayne Wade has been planning a trip to Milan Fashion Week after the NBA finals but of course, it remains to be seen if he can fulfill that desire, considering that is unsure as to whether he will be able to celebrate.


Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks describes his own style as “a little edgy,” is a fashion show front-row regular and finds that world, “intriguing.”

Anthony goes further on to say that he does not consider, contrary to what many might say that it distracts him, all the focus on how to look good. Rather he is quick to elaborate that it is important to him that he looks good and he feels good about himself.


Russell Westbrook has started a new kind of trend wearing shirts that in leopard prints and even cartoon sketches. This is however, a far cry from the hippie, baggy style that as followed back in the 90’s, and decidedly much better.

Wade’s stylist said that basketball unlike football and baseball is a much more fashionable sport, considering the fact that they show their faces, unlike football, where the players are always in helmets. Moreover, basketball players have much more streamlined figures than baseball or football players.

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