Eye-shadow wearing tips that would dramatically enhance your overall look

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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As per significant studies and researches, having beautiful ad attractive eyes are more importantthan any other feature when it comes to analyzing beauty. In the glamour world, this rule is often considered. Women with enhanced and bigger eyes are often considered to be more beautiful than that of the rest. In other words, it is one of the benchmark features that are considered important when it comes to understanding beauty ratio.

If you are interested, there are several cheap eyeshadow palette made available in today’s time online that you can go ahead and check out. This does not indicate that you have to compromise on the brand or the quality of the product that you are using. Online cosmetic shops are offering excellent opportunities to grab high-quality products at affordable prices. However, here, we are going to discuss the power of using eye-shadows right and how they can enhance your look significantly! 

How the eye make-up influences the look of your face

This discussion would be even more relatable for the ones who are into the world of glamour or are make-up experts. A lot of how your face looks shall depend on the make of the eye. The light peach shaded shadows might look a certain way while the dark shades will give you a different look. Many women have been shocked by seeing the drastic change in their overall look after using eye shadows in creative ways. Similarly, how it can hold up your beauty if used in the right way if done in the wrong way, it can also make you look hilarious. Eye shadows have the power to create an illusion about the shapes of your eyes. It is just like drawing and shading your eyes right for a more glamorous look! So let us take a look at the awesome and easy tips to do your eyes right for the upcoming parties! Shall we? 

Tip 1 # Shop in the right for the right ones

nude shadesPallets are usually filled with plenty of colors or say a set of colors. Some are greyish; some are dark but colorful while some are of nude shades. It is extremely important to pick the right combinations. For that, you can have a talk with the professionals online or use the online skin tone matching testers. They will help you understand what you would use the most. It is recommended you always go for the shades that are your type and you would feel comfortable in rather than hastily heading for the ones that do not suit you! 

Tip 2 # Go for the cream shadow than powder if needed

These are just amazing if you are looking for a metallic or matte smooth blend. You hate using five different smudges and brushes? You can get your eyes done with the cream shadows with just your fingers. They will blend like super soft clay and you will understand how much amount you need to pick. You will not need any extra blender or any foundation to go with it as they are already made with an amazing advanced skin suiting formula. Many recognized brands are coming up with really good shadows and options for cream shadows. Some might be slightly more expensive; however, if you know where to look for, you can get really great deals and discounts! 

Tip 3 # Create illusions to make your eye look bigger

eye look biggerThe nude shades work the best when it comes to creating an illusion to make your eyes look bigger. Big eyes are really something that women crave for. They make you look younger, more intelligent and special. So some women think eyeliners are the best to make your eyes look bigger, which is true. But eye shadows are more powerful ladies! You can bet on that. Before using your eye lined, try lapping a nice light shade of shadow on your lid smoothly. Then follow up with an even lighter shade in the corner of the eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger and add a different edge to your face. If you don’t believe it, you can try it out yourself! Also, to enhance the look, even more, try a nice heap of mascara on your lashes.

Tip 4 # Know the linings and the crease ends to avoid the zombie look

Some girls work really hard looking up on YouTube videos to do all that eye-makeup, but end up with the zombie look! That can be really frustrating after you put all your time and energy into it. So, make sure you study your eyes properly before you start the make-up. The next thing that you will do is check for the upper crease shade and the lower crease shade, how much the lines are being pulled in the videos. Know where to stop poring color and how to keep it neat. Keep a dry swab handy to avoid messes. If you are new with eye shadow wearing, invest in brushes of different sizes. This is especially important when you are doing a complex eye make-up or a smoky eye do.

Tip 5 # Eyes shadows are not just for the upper lid

Eyes shadowYes, do not miss out on the lower lid. If you have an embossed lower eye area, use a light eye shadow shade or highlighter for popping it out. Using light or glimmering eye shadow in the lower part of the eye brings you a fresh look. But make sure you use the right amount and don’t overuse it!

Other than that, you can consider investing in painter’s tapes, or special eye shadow brushes, smudge make-up tools, eye shadow wearing kits to reach perfection. These are important if you are looking forward to doing a variety of eye make-up styles. So, those were pretty much the above tips that will earn you some real compliments for your pretty look no matter what you wear next time! So get going, Ladies!

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