Beauty tips for keeping your hands tan free

Summer is the time when we [pull out all our sleeveless clothes that will help us to beat the heat, this is also the time when our arms tan easily as they are fully exposed to the harsh sun. this results in unsightly tan lines that can ruin any out fit that we want to wear.  Even applying sun screen and using an umbrella may not protect you from the UV rays, so it is virtually impossible to escape getting a tan. From honey, almond oil, sugar and lemon juice, these are some of the best natural remedies that can easily be prepared at home to help remove tan from your arms:

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Cleansing agents:

Sugar is the best way to clean your skin and applying lemon juice is the best way to reduce tanning.

You can also use buttermilk to soften and soothe your skin and coconut water will help your skin to glow.


Rose water and cucumber juice:

Mix equal amounts of Rose water and cucumber juice and add just a table spoon of lemon juice to it, mix this well and apply it on your skin after spending time in the sun.

The lemon juice will reduce the tan and the Rose water and cucumber juice will cool your skin, you can also use this mixture for other skin problems like black heads and acne.


Lemon juice and honey:

Take two table spoons of honey and add a few drops of lemon juice to it, mix this well and apply it on the tanned areas twice a day. Apply it for fifteen minutes and rinse it off with cold water.

Honey has anti bacterial properties and can also be used for rashes and acne.

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Turmeric packs:

Make a paste using turmeric and water; you can also use rose water in place of normal water. Then add raw milk and lemon juice and apply it on the tanned areas and wash off with cold water after it has dried completely.

Turmeric is also used to remove any form of blemish on the skin.


Buttermilk and oats pack;

Buttermilk will sooth the skin while oats will exfoliate it, this is why it is the perfect tanning pack.

Mix the right quantity to get a smooth paste and apply in circular motions till it has dried completely and was with water.

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