Exploring some of the Best Foods for Healthy Hair

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Healthy Hair

There are many factors that influence the health of your hair, from age and genetics to nutrition deficiencies and more. Just about everyone wants to have a healthy head of hair, but the good news is that even if you’re predisposed to hair loss – something that affects around 50% of women and 65% of men by the age of 60 – or you suffer from locks that are brittle and lack luster, there are certain foods that can help.

Almond Butter and Bananas

BananaThe next time you eat a banana, slather on a tablespoon of almond butter and you’ll be providing a double whammy of benefits for your hair. Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamins and natural oils that help to protect the natural elasticity of your hair as well as prevent breakage and split ends. Almond butter is packed with nutrients, including healthy fats, proteins and vitamins, particularly vitamin E which is known to help maintain thicker locks. Vitamin E is one of the best ingredients for increasing hair growth, with one trial finding that men who supplemented experience as much as 42 percent growth.


Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can help prevent hair loss while also providing a hefty dose of protein. When combined together by consuming fish on a regular basis, these nutrients help to promote hair growth and restore hair follicles. Fresh fish is best, so if you’re considering moving to a new destination, you might want to look for a home among Houston real estate or another city near the sea where you’ll have a continual supply available.


SpinachA well-known superfood, spinach isn’t only important for strong muscles. As it contains a high amount of iron as well as sebum, along with a wide range of other vitamins and minerals, eating it regularly can help keep your hair shiny and lustrous, as well as prevent too much of it from heading down the drain.

Herbs and Spices

Using herbs and spices liberally when cooking offers a long list of benefits, including healthier hair. Cinnamon, for example, not only smells wonderful, it can help boost circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles. Rosemary is loaded with antioxidants known to help fight free radical damage that can result in more grey and thinning hair.


EggsEggs are rich in biotin, a B vitamin known to promote hair growth. Without enough of this nutrient, it can lead to hair loss. This popular breakfast food also contains lots of protein, essential for hair growth as the follicles are primarily made up of protein. When you don’t eat enough protein-filled foods, hair loss can result.


Beans are another outstanding source of protein as it provides a good amount of zinc which is known to aid the hair’s repair cycle and enhance growth. They also offer many other nutrients that promote healthier hair, like iron, foliate and biotin.


nutsNuts are another great food for good health and have been linked to healthier hair. Walnuts contain oils that promote stronger locks, while pistachios have been associated with improving male pattern baldness.

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