Easy ways to do way with dark circles and puffiness of eyes

Dark circles under eyes

Under eye dark circles and puffiness are the most disturbing problems, especially in the case of beauty freaks. In most of the women, who have crossed 30, these problems are visible. If you are a working woman, no need to say, after certain age, these kinds of issues may definitely arise. Nowadays, different treatments are available to solve this problem. However, it will be better to know the reasons behind these issues, so that you can take appropriate steps to prevent this.

According to beauty therapists and experts, the dark circles and related issues appear due to several reasons like stress and lack of sleep. Today’s hectic lifestyle is the main cause behind stress. As we all know, our body and mind are interconnected. If you cannot keep your mind at ease, it will reflect in the body also. You may lose your health and beauty.

Dark circles and puffiness can also arise due to certain hereditary reasons. In such a case, prevention is not very easy. Therefore, you need to adapt the situation as it is. You will not get a good result by using cosmetics or concealers in such a situation. So stop spending money on such products, if it is hereditary. Some easy tips are given below that help to get rid of the dark circles and to regain the charm. Read carefully and try these tips. Surely, you can get over it.

1. Treat allergies and infections

Dark circles may be present due to certain allergies. Allergies can be caused by many things. Sometimes, certain foods may act as a villain. In some people, milk and milk products cause problems. If you use the cosmetics or creams regularly, it can also create skin allergies. Kidney infections can also be a cause for the dark circles and pigments. So, if you feel any discomfort or illness like skin rash, fever, etc, immediately consult a good doctor.

2. Increase water intake during your periods

In some people, under eye dark circles appear about one week prior to their periods. Then you can understand that this is premenstrual water retention. In such a case, you can start consuming healthy foods, green tea, etc. The fluid intake should be increased. Lack of water can lead to dehydration. This will cause the blood vessels to appear under the eyes. So drink plenty of water. Daily you need to consume at least eight glasses of water.

3. Use cold compressors

In certain cases, blood vessels will bulge and cause the puffiness under eyes. To get rid of this, use double pillows in the night during your sleep. Use cold compressors like cucumber slices, rose water, carrot, etc to get rid of the puffiness. Due to nasal congestion also, the puffiness may appear. Treat the problem and you can gain a perfect result.

4. Eat healthy

Do you follow healthy eating habits? Healthy eating habits have a role in maintaining your skin fresh and shiny. Have lots of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin A, K and C. Iron rich foods are also essential. Leafy vegetables, nuts, avocado, etc are important to include in the daily diet.

5. Sleep well

If you do not get enough sleep, the skin will become pale and this will make the blood vessels visible. So try to get undisturbed sleep for 7-8 hours daily. You can opt for lots of homemade products to get rid of the stress under the eyes. Cucumber slices, tea bags, castor oil, cotton balls dipped in potato juice, crushed mint leaves, tomato and limejuice mixture, etc are cool and effective remedies that can be applied under your eyes.

6. Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are two bad habits that should be avoided as they both affect the body very badly. These habits may decrease the cardiac health and oxygen flow in the body. The blood vessels will tighten and this leads to early ageing and under eye pigmentation. So to gain better health and look, stay away from these two bad habits.

7. Treat anemia

If you are anemic, it can result in bluish dark pigmentation on the face. Therefore, if you feel fatigue, lack of breath, dizziness, pale skin, increase in heartbeat etc, please consult a doctor and follow his instructions. Have plenty of iron rich foodstuffs.

8. Under eye muscle exercises

Yes, it is a fact that certain facial exercises will help you to get rid of dark circles. You can give smooth massage to the under eye muscles using your fingertips. This will increase blood circulation and surely, you will feel the difference. You can use under under eye creams, but they should be of a high quality. Sunscreen lotions and sunglasses are good remedies for under eye circles. Use a branded sunscreen lotion, which has a high SPF value (more than 30). Sunglass can also cool the eyes.

9. Avoid over exposure to TV and computer

Over exposure to the computer and TV can cause strain on the eye muscles. So do not sit in front of the computer screen or TV for a long time. Take enough breaks. The distance from the monitor to the eyes should be at least 20 inches. In the case of TV, you should sit at least 8 feet apart from the monitor.

10. Always be happy

Avoid stressing out. The more you stress, the more it will reflect on the body and face. So, always keep your mind happy and light. Practice mind relaxing techniques like yoga and meditation. Always think positively. Surely, the glow will appear soon on the face.

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