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Thick, shiny, and lustrous hair is the dream of every woman. It is also a sign of good health. However, nowadays due to environmental pollution and ever changing climatic conditions, hair related problems have increased to a great extent. Several hair care products and treatments have come up with promises to provide a solution to your problems and it is obvious that you always want the best products and the best results. However, every product or treatment comes with a cost. Of these, some are affordable while some others are beyond the reach of common public. By following a few tips, you can definitely relieve yourself of the huge expense and save some money without compromising on your hair care benefits. Here are some pointers regarding the best hair care routine, haircuts and hair color for you.

1. Buy big shampoo bottles

While purchasing shampoo, you can always opt for a jumbo-sized bottle instead of the smaller ones because the cost per ounce of bigger bottles is lesser compared to their smaller counterparts. Moreover, you can also divvy up the contents of the jumbo bottle among your other bottles of shampoo as mixing of shampoos is not a matter of great concern.

2. Dilute shampoos and conditioners

You have always seen that in many public places (especially businesses), shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, etc are diluted with water to increase its quantity. You can also try this tip at home and save some money.

3. Utilize every bit

By adding water to your last bit of shampoo or by diluting it and shaking the bottle vigorously, you can get few more washing out of it.

4. Mix the sachet contents

Again, you can mix the contents of all the shampoo sachets and tiny shampoo bottles that you and your husband had collected in the past on various business trips and use it. You can also keep these small bottles in a beautiful bowl in the bathroom and use them when required in the way you want.

5. Opt for a haircut that will grow out in shape

Now coming to haircuts, you can talk to your hairstylist and opt for a cut that will grow out beautifully. Thus, you can schedule your haircut after a big gap instead of a weekly cut and thereby save some money.

6. Opt for cheaper salons

If you need a simple haircut, you can consider going to cheaper salons instead of splurging in high-end ones because simple haircuts can be perfectly done even in smaller salons.

7. Avail the training sessions

Many beauty salons and beauty schools offer training programs for the budding beauticians. You can take advantage of these by being a model for them and in the process get a beautiful and stylish haircut. For this, you can go through the yellow pages and get the information about the different training sessions offered by the best beauty salons in your area and also get to know whether these sessions are undertaken by some experts or not.

8. Try long hair

You can try growing your hair if possible because longer hair does not require regular cuts unlike shorter ones. However, you need to maintain your long hair.

9. Avoid hair dryers

Stay away from hair dryers and let your hair dry naturally because hair dryers can damage your hair and lead to dryness and split ends, which will again require intensive conditioning treatment in the salon and lead to more expenses.

10. Use shampoo that suits colored hair

If your hair is colored, then invest in a good shampoo specially formulated for colored hair. These shampoos contain many nutrients and other necessary substances, which help in preventing the fading of color from your hair and protect the color for longer periods.

11. Highlight your tresses at home

If you want to highlight your hair instead of completely coloring it, then you can do it yourself at home. You just need to purchase a good branded hair color from any drugstore, departmental store, or stationery shop and apply it yourself. By doing this, you can save the money which you would have otherwise spend in the beauty salon.

12. Maintain your hair regularly

By maintaining a proper and regular hair care regime, you can save a lot of money. This means that if you have good, healthy, and shiny hair, then you will not have to visit salons regularly for some treatment or the other. To achieve this, you need to invest in a good quality conditioner and condition your hair after every wash. This should be done regularly irrespective of your hair type. Conditioning will make your hair soft and smooth and help in improving its texture. For colored hair, you need to deep condition the strands after every wash and for fine hair, conditioner should be applied only to the bottom end of your hair.

13. For curly hair use shampoo once a week

If you possess curly locks, then only shampoo once a week because they do not need more washes. Similarly, dry hair also does not need much shampooing (but never forget to apply conditioner after your wash). This way, you can save some money on shampoo.

14. Opt for a cheaper shampoo

You can invest in a good quality shampoo that is readily available in any drugstore instead of a high-end salon shampoo. This way you can again save some money on shampoo.

15. Cut costs in other cosmetics

If you cannot compromise on your expensive salon shampoo, then you can cut costs in some of your other daily used beauty products. Like you can invest in a low-priced eye make-up remover or nail-paint remover or any other product and keep the saved money for your costly salon shampoo.

16. Apply baby powder to oily hair

To treat oily hair, you can apply baby powder to your hair shafts and roots in order to soak up the excessively secreted oil and sebum. This can be done in between the days when you use shampoo. By doing this you can skip the use of some costly dry shampoos thereby saving some money.

17. Store remaining color for touch-ups

You can save some hair color in a small bottle when you color your hair on your own and use it later for touch-ups when the roots start growing. You can apply this leftover color to your hair roots with the help of an old and washed mascara wand.

18. Make friends in the salon

You can do this even when you color your hair in a salon. You can always be friends with your hair stylist, ask him / her some left over color after getting an all-over color done, and apply it later with the help on a mascara wand.

19. Abstain from washing colored hair immediately

Never wash your hair after getting a professional hair color done for at least 30 hours because hair color needs some time to get set.

20. Check before investing

Your hair is very precious. So, always invest in good quality hair colors and other styling products. Always be careful before investing.

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