5 Must-Know Rapid Skin Aging Facts

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1) Skin , a fundamental symbol of youth

Growing old is a natural procedure in life and every one of us has to undertake this voyage. Some folks can take it as a downbeat episode of life and be grumpy about it. Some can always be optimistic and regard aging as the golden phase of one’s life. But the motto is to be aware of all the essential things with which you can make old age as well-informed as possible. The most important thing to consider during the course of our aging is our appearance. It is wise to follow the saying the other way around, “look good to feel good.”

2) Know your skin

We must never hesitate to thwart the rapid aging of our skin. To all those who are unaware of the fact, our skin is the biggest organ in our entire body. It plays its own amazing part in safeguarding our internal organs from any kind of harm and incursion. It also contributes a lot in making us look nice and young. Aging of the skin is a very typical process; however a number of addictions and disregard of one’s own skin can lead to hasty aging of the skin. The skin consists of three stratums, the first layer being the epidermis, which can be seen by the naked eye. The second layer is the dermis and the third one is the subcutaneous layer. Over a period of time there are variations in our epidermis which take the form of wrinkles, age spots, freckles etc. There can be rapid aging in the form of flaccid skin, yellowing of the skin, dryness etc.

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3) Factors influencing rapid skin aging

One of the most vital factors that influence rapid skin aging is the external factor. This aspect clarifies what our skin endures as we grow in age. It is about the extrinsic transformations that happen with our skin to contribute to its hasty aging. It’s all about whatever takes place in the exterior of our skin. The subsequent factor is the internal factor or the intrinsic factor in which there is aging of the skin due to the natural process of growing old. But we do not have to get into the details as there is so much to know about the rapid skin aging facet before that.

4) Detrimental skin aging

A major factor is Photoaging wherein the aging process happens due to excess of contact with the destructive rays of the sun. There may be rapid skin aging due to too much of exposure to UV light. Contact with certain chemicals released in the air like cigarette smoke can be a major reason for rapid skin deterioration. There can also be causes like general sickness, insomnia, nervous tension and insufficient diet which may show the way for a lifeless skin condition. There are genetic factors too which can be held responsible for rapid skin aging.

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5) Combat the aging process

In order to avoid rapid aging process, here are certain guidelines which you have to follow –

  • Drink lots of drinking water and other fluids too. Hydration is a must for your skin to look younger. Avoid consumption of salty food products as it reduces the supply of fluids in your body.
  • Slow down that fast pace of your life and relax. Enjoy nice hot bubble baths with necessary oils and get rid of that stress to give your skin a youthful look.
  • Keep in mind to use the right anti aging cream. Try to go for creams which have functional keratin for the revival of collagen. Perk up circulation through the right exercise.

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