Easy tips for amazing makeup

Make up

Pop your beauty with appropriate makeup and style. Makeup is applied to cover up flaws and to look perfect for the occasion. You can look bold to delicate with the type of makeup you apply on your face. Make up can highlight your beauty assets making you more beautiful than ever. Here are some beauty tips to give a dazzling effect to your personality. Hope these tips will help you in looking perfect for the season.

1. Primer
A make up can last for long if a makeup primer is applied to skin before you start applying makeup. It provides a smooth base to the skin. Mix primer well with your moisturizer before applying it on your skin to look natural. You can mix primer with foundation also.

2. Eyeliner
Eye makeup should be done with extreme care as it adds on to the beauty. A perfect eye makeup can make add warmth to your eyes making them appealing and stunning. A black eye liner is perfect to highlight eyes. Cover the lids well with black liner to get that effect. It will highlight the eyes with whatever eye shadow you have applied.

3. Mascara
Mascara gives certain weight to the eye lashes. Applying black and brown mascara gives natural look to the eyes. Apply it must to add that luminous effect to the eyes. It helps you in looking classy with correct style statement.

4. Coral makeup
This season is all about playing with hottest color available. That is the rule to make style statement and to gain attention. Coral will work just perfect for the season. Just use creamy blush for applying lipstick. You can use same for tinting eye lids. Highlighting assets of your face with same skin tone can add wonders to your beauty.

Quick Tips:

1. Apply make up according to your skin tone.

2. Don’t apply too heavy make up for functions at day. Keep it light for day functions.

3. Highlight eyes as they get noticed very easily. Just make them glitter to attract all the attention.

4.Add bronzer to the skin if required.

5. Be confident about the makeup you are wearing as that will help you in carrying it well.