Does your sunscreen match your skin type?

sunscreen 1111Choosing the right sunscreen comes with choosing the sunscreen that suits your skin type. Dermatologist Leslie Baumann points out that many users make the first mistake by choosing a sunscreen that does not suit there skin type and then end up with a skin problem.

Baumann makes it clear through a variety of skin type and sunscreen combination that sunscreens are not only meant to protect you from sun, but also give the right nourishment lacked by your skin.

Therefore, she points out that a moisturizer based sunscreen should hydrate a dry skin, a gel based sunscreen should control oil production in oily skin, a sensitive skin should be protected by an anti-inflammatory sunscreen and a wrinkled skin shold go for a retinol based sunscreen for tightening up loose skin.

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This not only cuts your choice clear for the type of sunscreen you choose but also makes your sunscreen do more than one job for your skin.