DIY Aztec nail art is the latest in-thing!

The ancient art of the Aztec people has seemed to catch on the fashion trend of the 21st century and their tribal print can be seen everywhere ranging from dresses, to footwear, to many other fashion accessories. So, apparently the world of nail art has also been highly influenced by the tribal prints of this ancient group of people. If you will observe carefully, you will see many women around you sporting the unique Aztec art in their perfectly manicured hands and it would be completely normal if you experience a sudden desire of painting the tribal print in your own fingers. Although the design of the Aztec art can be a little difficult to apply in your hand but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it yourself because  you can always customize tribal nail art according to your own way as this form of art is all about small dots, shapes, lines and colors. So, here are some useful steps which will allow you to replicate this intricate pattern in your nails: white-nail-polish1

  • Step 1

Paint all your nails with white nail polish as white serves as the base for any kind of tribal art and it makes the pattern more visible.

  • Step 2

Then use a French tip and paint all your finger tips with dark blue. You will already begin to see the contrast of white and dark blue in your nails and painting your tips blue is necessary as most tribal prints often use contrasting colours in their pattern in order to highlight their art. After panting the tips, neatly outline the blue tip with black by using a nail design pen and brush. Make sure the outline is thin yet visible.

  • Step 3

After carefully outlining the blue tip, draw some inverted triangles with black. Also make sure the triangles are right under the black outline. The base of each triangle must lightly touch the black outline.

  • Step 4

After you are done with the triangles, draw two horizontal lines below the triangles. The first line should touch the tip of the inverted triangles whereas the second line should be drawn parallel to the first line leaving a little space in the middle so that the white paint remains visible. You can use any color for drawing the two lines but make sure you use light shades like yellow and pink in order to make your pattern visible.

  • Step 5

After drawing the parallel lines, connect the two lines by drawing vertical lines in the middle. You can use green or red color for this purpose and after making the vertical lines, put small dots of black over the second horizontal line and here you have a unique tribal pattern in your finger nails.

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