Jennifer Lawrence’s new haircut: do you like it better straight?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

It is the best thing about being a celebrity that even your hair cut does not go unnoticed by the paparazzi. You all know Jennifer Lawrence as she happens to be a popular actress and has impressed the audience with her many roles. She has been in the news recently but not for her performance but for her new haircut! Yes the actress recently got her haircut and it did not take much time to reach the public. This time her locks are shorter and they are much straighter than they used to be.


You must have seen the photos, so do you like them? Well you can your time to answer but Jennifer sure has a famous fan added to her list; Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus seems to have loved the new do of Jennifer and tweeted about the same on a popular social networking website. Jennifer showed her new haircut at the occasion of GLAAD media awards and definitely turned a lot of heads as this new hair do is totally different from the previous one and it is shorter too. The GLAAD media awards took place in Los Angeles on Saturday and that is when people got to see the new hair style of Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer was at the event for a reason as she had to give away the award to the former president Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was presented the award for the Advocate for change. The new hairstyle of Jennifer is totally different from her long locks and that is why they are getting so much attention by the media. Any actress who changes the hair cut drastically certainly takes a risk as she would not know that whether the fans will love her in the new do or not.

We are not sure about the people but Miley Cyrus sure loves the new haircut of Jennifer Lawrence as she wasted no time in praising it on Twitter. Any girl would know that if you want to try a new hair do then the best way is to do when you are on your own which means that you have no skilled help to treat your hair. Jennifer Lawrence too took this test and the result was good for her. The test highlighted the fact that her hair is really blonde and now they are straight and short.

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