Foods that are highly beneficial for your skin

The food you eat plays a very important role toward the nourishment of your skin.  So, it’s but imperative for you to choose right food that could further brighten up your skin complexion and make it smoother and softer.

Considering that you would like to read more about such foods, here is our list that includes some foods that can benefit your skin greatly:


  • Tomatoes

Tomato can be regarded as one of the best defences for your skin as it contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which prevents sun damage. Your body can absorb lycopene from tomatoes when it is in a processed state and therefore eating tomato paste, tomato ketchup and tomato sauce is more effective in safeguarding your skin from sun damage than eating raw tomatoes. Moreover, lycopene is soluble in fat and so, it becomes easier to absorb when you consume it with avocado, eggs or olive oil.

  • Green Beans

Green beans are rich in silicon, which nourishes your hair and nails by making them grow thicker and healthier. So, if you have a bad case of hair and nails, instead of spending a fortune in the name of expensive hair and nail treatments, you can simply add plenty of this low calorie green beans in your daily diet and everything will be taken care of by silicon.


  • Red meat

Consumption of red meat in high amount is often regarded as unhealthy because it contains cholesterol and saturated fat but on the other hand, red meat is also a rich source of protein and zinc, which is very necessary for your skin. Collagen is a very important element for your skin, which prevents acne and makes your skin look brighter and red meat contains high amount of two amino acids called glycine and prolene, which produces collagen in your body. Moreover, zinc being one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents also plays an important role in producing collagen.

  • Walnuts

Many people are not aware that besides salmon, walnut is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. It prevents acne breakouts, swelling, redness, wrinkles and also protects your skin from harmful chemicals and toxins. It also combats skin dryness and works as a good anti-inflammatory agent.


  • Green tea

Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants that keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Green tea has high concentration of a compound called catechin that works as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agent. Besides taking orally, green tea can also be taken topically in order to prevent sunburn and skin cancers associated with exposure to UV rays. According to many skin experts, drinking green tea everyday continuously for six months can reverse the effects of sun damage and improves the condition of your skin to a great degree. It also prevents skin redness and treats broken capillary veins.

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