Dave’s Self Tanner claims to have anti-ageing benefits


Tanning market is expanding and as it is getting a lot of competition from the sunscreen sector it is trying to become more functional with innovative formulations. The latest example is Dave’s Self Tanner, which claims to play the dual role of a moisturizer with jojoba oils, aloe vera and sesame.

The claim furthers with its being different being an even spread, which does not get diluted or reduce in its effect until 3 to 4 days after application. Aloe Vera and Jojoba oils are rich with antioxidant benefits so that assures you enough about the sunscreen properties of anti-ageing in the tanning spray.

Other tanning products can prove to be messy, delivering a orange tint to the skin and give streaks on the skin. However, you can consider this product after exfoliation for a fine tone and great baked look, but mostimportant thing is to look out for the signs of younger looking skin. This product is available at the online retail store of PurReflections for $16.50.

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