How to get natural younger looking skin without chemicals when you are in your 40’s?

natural younger looking skin

A famous quote says, “A beautiful face will age and a perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be beautiful.”

If you really think your beautiful face is aging and your hourglass body is losing its shape, then these are  few alarming signs of not taking enough care of your health. Remember, age is just a number! You can definitely retain the youthful skin in your 40’s and the hourglass figure, just with a balanced diet, regular workout and follow some simple natural home remedies.

You can still manage to get wrinkle-free, flawless skin by turning the clock  back only by making a few changes that can help you get younger looking skin when you are 40. With these changes you can say goodbye to expensive cosmetics, you need no make-up to hide your crow’s feet around the outer corner of the eye or wrinkles on your face. A balanced diet and a few home remedies can help you get a flawless skin that makes you look younger.

Here are some useful and important tips to get younger looking skin without using chemicals when you are in your 40’s:

  1. Develop good habits:

beautiful skin

If you want younger looking skin when you are 40, then you need to develop some good habits like cleaning your skin, avoid oily food, and most importantly a goodnight sleep. The first good habit that you can develop is cleaning your skin before going to bed. It is the stepping-stone to achieve a flawless skin throughout your life.

What do you understand by facial cleaning? Is it just cleaning your face with a face wash? Or is there more to it. If you think that cleaning your face with a chemical facewash can help you achieve a youthful skin, then you are completely mistaken. Facial cleansing has three important steps, they are

  • exfoliating
  • Cleansing

You can complete these three steps without burning a hole in your pocket. But the question is –How?

You can create your own cleaning kit with few simple things that are available in your home. This can be done by using ingredients like milk, sugar, rose water, glycerin, and lime. If milk and sugar are mixed proportionately, it works as a great exfoliator. Once you complete exfoliating, wash your face with a non-chemical cleanser and then use the mixture of rose water, glycerin, and lime for moisturizing your skin. Remember, glycerin works as a moisturizer, lime as a skin-lightening agent and rose water smoothens the skin that makes you look younger.

  1. Well- planned diet:

Anti-inflammatory diet

Actresses like Karishma Kapoor, Malaika Arora, and Madhuri Dixit are aging gracefully and their skin looks nourished and supple. How have they achieved such flawless skin in their 40’s?

The answer is simple; a balanced diet helps them achieve the look they desire. If you want youthful skin in your 40’s, then it is important to stop few bad eating habits. You do not have to consult a dietician, just say “NO” to junk food, aerated drinks, gluten rich food, alcohol, and processed food.

Try to have homemade food and maintain a balanced diet. If you are working, then pack your lunch from home. In case of unavoidable formal gathering or dinner, choose different types of salads . While ordering something to drink, instead of cola, you can consider fresh lime tea without sugar.

Maintaining a healthy food habit is not that difficult as you think. It is just about making the right choices and eating food which is nourishing and healthy.

  1. Yoga- An age old practice to get younger looking skin:


Do you know the hidden power of age-old practice that can help you get younger looking skin when you are 40?

Yoga is a holistic approach to life as it heals your body, mind, and soul. It boosts blood circulation, which, in turn, improves the skin and flushes out toxins from the body. Some yoga asanas like Padmasana, Dhanurasana, and Sarvangasana help to get a stunning glowing skin.

You can follow these three mantras if you want a wrinkle-free skin when you turn 40. If you follow these healthy habits, then age will be just a number for you. You do not need to hide behind the cakey makeup look to hide your aging skin since you can get a youthful skin without using any chemical.

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