Chicken dung, snail’s blood groomed 17th century men!

the 17th century baldness cure chicken dungTo get that classic type or the latest and trendiest hairstyles, what do you resort to? Refer to those online and parlor experts’ beauty tips or those gels, shampoos and conditioners on the market shelves?

Unlike the today’s materialistic lifestyle, the 17th century men interestingly seem to be literally more down to earth, at least when it comes to grooming and good health, especially hair – to your surprise, the ‘beauty tips’ list consisted of cat’s dung, snail’s blood and even chicken droppings!

To add to your shock, arsenic and brimstone too played an important part in grooming men back in 1650s. All these ingredients did not just serve their skin deep purposes – rather were recommended as remedies for everything from bad breath to baldness, fatness to flatulence!

And, if your are interested in more of such basic tips on men’s health, wait till the auction of the sort of 17th century version of Men’s Health magazine – ‘The Path-Way To Health’ in October. The apparently bizarrely informative book has emerged from a private collection of antiquarian books.

Now, you have all those ‘earthly basics’ to help cure either your baldness, body odor, flatulence or even bad breath – as a cheap and natural alternative to the present chemical-based beauty products.


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