Benefits of workout to your beauty

Exercise benefits us beyond maintaining a slim waist and toned muscles. It makes us look young and fresh. Benefits of exercise are obvious. It leads living a healthy and stress free life. Doctors always suggest exercise whatever the disease may be. Apart from toned body, it promotes mood boosting.

Here are few benefits of workout that adds to your beauty and makes you look better than ever before.

Glowing skin:

chair yoga_ chair yoga

Yoga poses and exercise can really help in getting glowing skin that you always wanted. Breathing exercises are best for skin, and they rejuvenate mind as well. Few yoga poses like shirshasana, halasana, dhanurasana, sharvangasana, surya namaskar and shavasana are best to make your skin glow. Take brisk walk or jog, it pumps heart faster and increase blood circulation. It provides skin, dose of oxygenated blood that boosts cell renewal and detoxification. It gives new life to skin. So just forget those fancy lotions and expensive treatments, exercise is the best treatment for glowing skin.
Wrinkle free skin:

Wrinkles on skin

Wrinkles on face are proof of aging. Nobody likes to see wrinkles on their faces. Facial exercises make face smooth and wrinkle free, it keeps face muscles strong and healthy that makes doer looks younger than actual age. Massage of faces is essential with the oils to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. Chewing gum for few hours also strengthens muscles and tone up your face.
Boosts happy chemicals:


Walking or jogging helps releases happy chemical called endorphins. It creates feeling of happiness and euphoria. It helps against depression. Doctors also recommend exercise to people suffering from depression. Gardening and cleaning boosts positive energy. Take a pet for a walk. It also helps boosting happy chemicals. A stress free person always lives a healthy and fine life.
Hair growth:


Stress is not good for hair. Stress can lead to severe hair fall, dandruff and many hair problems. Cardio exercises such as cycling; brisk walking, jogging and dancing can boost hair growth. Exercises involving back bends improve blood circulation to head and scalp, which helps in better hair growth. Exercise reduces stress improving overall health of body and nourishing hair follicle.


Exercise keeps our body and mind healthy. It combats many diseases and boosts energy. Daily workout helps in reducing stress. Apart from it, exercise boosts brainpower, sharpen memory and improve self-confidence. It works on whole body. So it must be a part of our daily lives to live a better and stress free life.

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