Benefits of EmSculpt Neo Treatment 

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EmSculpt Neo Treatment 

EMSculpt Neo is a method that helps one achieve a healthy lifestyle apart from exercising; It is a quick and effective body sculpturing process that helps build the required muscle mass and reduces fat. It is the only approved FDA (Foods and Drug Administration) treatment for muscle strengthening and toning. It helps one maintain a slim physique without spending hours at the gym.

EmSculpt Neo is the only machine that combines two types of body contouring into a 30-minute routine. Scientifically it has been proven to burn fat and build muscle without you exercising. After its burns fat, the fat loss is permanent, and the process doesn’t affect the body, and it doesn’t take time to recover. It is a very effective method; results start showing from one to three months after the body undergoes its natural healing processes on its own.

What Exactly is EmSculpt Neo?

EmSculpt Neo is a body contouring process created by BTL Industries; it is very effective in that users can go about their day-to-day activities as they usually would have done after receiving treatment. It is the first procedure designed to burn fat and build muscle co-occurring; the present version succeeded EmSculpt. It’s the first approved method by FDA; it kills fat cells in the body without any side effects. You can check this page for more on the non-surgical procedure.

How Does EmSculpt Work?

EmSculpt Neo uses highly intensive magnetic field energies and radio frequencies at the same time. EmSculpt Neo applicator is applied on the desired area in the body (like your legs, hands, butt, stomach, etc.). It sends high-intensity magnetic field energies and radio frequencies deep into the body; it makes the muscle contract, which cannot be achieved through exercising alone.

During energy transfer, your muscle’s temperature quickly heats up to several degrees, making the muscles undergo stress; it is similar to the pressure they experience when doing a warm-up exercise before starting your workout.

After four minutes, the temperature in the fat just below your skin causes apoptosis; it occurs when fat cells are destroyed permanently and removed from the body slowly. To yield the best result, EmSculpt neo producers advise doing four treatments between four weeks.

What Does Research Say About EmSculpt Neo?

EmSculpt Neo Procedure

The clinical trial report by “American Society for Dermatology Surgery,” EmSculpt cause a 25% increase in muscle mass and 30% decrease in fat between three months among 40 of the 48 people tested.

It is cleared for use in the United States. The FDA also clears it for the breakdown of fats and non-invasive lipolysis; it can reduce fats in the abdomen by different kinds of skin, either type I to type II skin.

FDA Cleared EmSculpt Neo of doing the following;

  • Improves muscle tone and firmness
  • Improves abdominal tone
  • Develops firmer abdomen
  • Strengthens abdomen muscles
  • Strengthens, tones, and firming of buttocks, calves, and thighs, etc.
  • Strengthening arm muscles

According to a study in 2018, non-invasive electro-magnetic (HIFEM) treatments safely and effectively improves the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks without any side effects. The treatments resulted in a noticeable physical improvement and also increased patient satisfaction and confidence.

The authors concluded that the procedure is best for those who want to lift, shape, tone, and tighten their buttocks. Results showed that those initially disappointed with their results saw an 85 percent improvement and satisfaction after their fourth treatment.

An article posted in the “Journal of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery” found that the HIFEM process is an excellent alternative to surgery. The study’s authors noted that treatment with HIFEM technology does not cause many changes in the body indicated with silicone implants or fat grafting. However, it induces a substantial effect by correcting sagging skin that does not look pleasant to the eyes, making the treated area look more lifted and sportier. This link has more on safe non-surgical skin and beauty upgrades you can consider.

What to Expect During an EmSculpt Neo Procedure?

The process takes almost 30 minutes; patients do not feel any pain during the procedure. The machine’s producers compared EmSculpt Neo sensation to a hot stone massage. Users experience intense muscle contractions and a heating sensation.

Procedures can take place between 5 to 10 days from each other. Getting the desired results requires several treatments. Some people see results from one treatment. To determine the best path for you, discuss your treatment plan with your healthcare provider. Some experts state that majority of patients see results within three months of their last procedure.

There are no side effects that come from undergoing the treatments. You can start your day-to-day activities at the end of your treatment. It is a treatment that can be used on people with a body mass index of up to 35. It is not designed to help patients lose weight but will permanently destroy fat cells while building muscle.

Patients don’t need surgery; no other equipment or tools is used during the procedure apart from using the EmSculpt device itself. Naturally slim users can also use it to build their muscles up to an average of 25%.

Who Should Use EmSculpt Neo?

It is the best solution for people who have tried exercising and dieting but still did not achieve the desired look they want in certain areas of their body. It is a process that can be applied to different body types, even slimmer people and people with a body mass index(BMI) of up to 35.

Those with a higher BMI can use it to reduce their body mass index, build muscle, and burn fat. You can search EMSculpt Neo treatment near me by going online and narrowing the search to find experts in your area.


With the EmSculpt Neo procedure, people with slimmer body structures can build lean muscle mass while helping you burn more fat by increasing its metabolism naturally.

Apart from providing aesthetic benefits, it helps with physical ailments like urinary incontinence and pelvic floor strengthening.

It has been proven to help strengthen the body muscles that are responsible for controlling urinary continence. EmSculpt Neo can be used by both males and females of any age. Experience and results are different for each patient. As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the process is proper for you.

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