Simple tips to make different body scrubs at you home   

Your skin is your largest organ that covers your body and protects various parts from damages. Your skin tells a lot about you. You should take care of it in any way you can. You need to understand your skin before using any of the beauty products. One product that your skin needs is body scrub. Body scrub helps removing dead skin and expose younger looking skin. You can choose from various options available in the market. The options include

  • Sea salt scrub
  • Strawberry scrub
  • Coffee scrub
  • Oat and sugar scrub, etc.

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You can buy any of the scrub mentioned above or even can make one on your own at home. Here we are unfolding the process to make scrubbers at home. However, before we start explaining the whole process, know that most of these scrubs contain ingredients that are commonly available in your kitchen.

herbs and spices. rosemary, lavender, salt and olive

Basic Salt Scrub

It is a mixture of basic salt and almond oil. You have to make sure that the sea scrub is finely grounded, since fine partials can harm your skin. Gently rub the body scrub over the hands and legs and massage gently in circular motion to remove dead skin. After message, take bath and use any hydrating shower gel for better effects.


Walnut and Honey Scrub

For preparing this scrub, we need to found a cup of walnuts and crush them. Then, add three tablespoon of honey and three tablespoon of fresh milk to it. This body scrub works great in winters, nourishes your skin, help you keep is as young as ever, without being harsh yet most effective.


Mint Scrub  

Take a cup of fresh mint leaves along with a cup of yogurt and use mixer to blend it. After this, add half cup of finely ground chickpeas and make a paste out of it. Gently apply the mixture over your body and wash off with a hot water. It is a truly refreshing and soothing scrub and makes you and your skin smile all the times.


Red Lentil Body Scrub

Take some split red lentil and grind them. Mix this powder with rose water and honey. Use it as a body scrub to keep away the summer effects and maintain healthy skin even in the weathering heat.


Body scrub is something that is widely used in a spa treatment and usually followed by a hydrating body wrap that not only helps keep skin fresh and supple but also nourishes it.

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