Myths about laser hair removal

Ever wondered about the safety of a laser session? A laser system is considered safe when it is approved by FDA. You must definitely visit a good clinic for consultation before undergoing any kind of laser treatment. Find out the kind of razors used, whether they have been approved by FDA or not. Do not forget to enquire from a technician about the results people of your skin tone can expect. If you are undergoing any kind of medication, clearly mention that to your technician. Now, let us have a look at some of the myths regarding laser technology.

Laser therapy stimulates hair growth

If this were true, there would have been no bald man roaming on the streets! Our body keeps changing as we grow older. Some might lose body hair while others might grow at some new places. Laser therapy destroys the hair follicle so that new hair does not come out.

Laser treatment is very painful

When it was first introduced, it was indeed painful but not now. The feeling is the same as having a rubber band snapped. There are certain areas where you might feel some pain but the other areas do not pain at all. You would be glad to know that even if it pains, the pain is much lesser compared to waxing.

One session is enough for permanent hair removal

Whatever your clinic tells you, it is impossible to get rid of hair growth in just one single session. There are different cycles of hair and hair grows at different times, hence you cannot target every region at a time. It requires some time to get rid of all your body hair.

You are exposed to radiation while undergoing laser hair removal

No radiation is emitted by the laser. There is a certain amount of radiation between the light barriers of a laser. But the radiation does not exceed that boundary. So laser hair removal is in no way harmful to you.

The treatment works equally for all

This is the biggest myth. You need to consult your technician and know what kind of results you can expect for your skin type. Results depend on the skin type and hair colour of a person. You must keep in mind that white or grey hair cannot be removed by laser and red hair is difficult to remove. It is difficult for the laser to find hair follicles and destroy them as the hair lacks pigment.

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