All About the Latest and Upcoming Jewellery Trends 

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Latest and Upcoming Jewellery Trends 

When the preferences of customers are considered, Tyson Roset who is the president of Roset Amore Jewellery has an exclusive, deep insight into what the Canadian people are searching for when purchasing jewellery is considered. He shares his experience of growing up in a retail jewellery store where he knew about the views of different individuals regarding the fashion and trends which can be restricted to a particular regional area based on demand.

On receiving hundreds of requests from the client’s Roset version is now capable of determining the trends and patterns while they keep developing.

What do the Canadian people prefer when jewellery purchase is considered? Some of the most popular trends of jewellery are determined based on the needs of customers in terms of watches, diamonds, rings, and trends of the store.

Colours and Shapes of Diamond 

Shapes of Diamond It was not surprising for us when we found out how popular are oval cuts this year. Although at such a point they have probably reached their peak. Because of the high popularity of the oval cut stones, their prices have increased by more than 20%. Whereas, the prices of cushion stones have noticed a fall of nearly 20%. There has not been much increase in the demand for Princess stones, but Asscher and Emerald have been in demand all through the year. Marquis and Pear designs can be expected to acquire fame by the next year.

The demand for coloured diamonds has been on a rise for many years. Common colours in the latest years are not as much in demand such as Cognac, Canary, Champagne. Unique colours are strong with distinctive overtones such as green, grey, orange, and pink. The demand for chameleon rings is higher since the price has increased by nearly 20%. Pepper, off colour, and salt diamonds are always in demand in Canada.

The demand for lab-made stones continues to be the same. There will be a fall in the prices of these stones because the efficiency of technology keeps increasing. And the demand for diamonds that undergo recycling has been rising since the next generation wants to go for other eco-friendly options. Serli and Siroanjewelry store should be your next stop if you are looing for eco-friendly option.

What are the upcoming trends in rings? 

As mentioned earlier the oval cut stones have always stood apart from the rest. The most well-known design that can be seen accompanying this stone was an Oval shaped halo with diamonds studded all over the shoulders. We were highly impressed with the fame acquired by yellow gold, but recently it was discovered that it is still not that much in demand in some of the jewellery markets in Canada.

Customizing the design of rings with precious stones have been gradually becoming more popular. Rings with three stones of the fancy structure are catching a lot of attention. Serli and Siroanjewelry storeis famous for making these customized designs.

The rings which can be stacked easily are very popular too. It has been noticed for a long that rings with marquise, ovals, and baguettes are very popular too.

It has been recognized by the customers that the customized design doesn’t always have to mean high prices. Thanks to the various designing process, including Pinterest which is making customized jewellery easily accessible for all with growing popularity.

What about gemstones? 

gemstonesGemstones have become a very interesting topic for debate this year. The colour has become very well known. Many engagement rings are created with ordinary gemstones. The majestic and rare Padparadscha sapphires along with Paraiba Tourmaline stones have started gaining popularity amongst the customers in Canadian markets. Colours of Tanzanite was very famous this year because of the ultraviolet considered as the colour of the year by Pantone.

The demand for unheated, natural gemstones has been growing with a specific aim at Sapphires. Distinctive shades of sapphire which have a greater demand are peach, teal, light blue, and mint. There has also been a rise in the level of fascination that people have regarding sapphires that change their colours.

Though the popularity of Morganatic has reached its peak it is expected that the popularity will continue to be in the market for a long time.

The alternative trends in medicine have been very helpful in the promotion of gemstones as talismans because of its spiritual advantages. Irrespective of the position where you are standing on that issue, you can use it for sales. Encourage your clients to customize with a healing gemstone or birthstone on the interior of the ring to keep it in touch with the skin.


The watch market is not always on the rise and it has a lot of fluctuations. Rolex is demanded by a lot of people because of its sporty variants. This year Rolex has restricted its supply because for a lot of reasons which are unknown to the retailers and jewellers. The retail pricing in the Canadian market is comparatively lower than of the markets in the U.S. As an outcome, the majority of Rolex watches get exported because of such discrepancy. The watch models by Rolex are quite popular and they come in a different range than the GMT, Daytona, Skydweller, and Submariner. Other brands like Tag Heuer, Omega, Hublot, Breitling, etc. Are also very famous.

Are there any upcoming Store trends? 

online-jewellery-shoppingRetailers keep putting on updates about their brands along with the mode of business they prefer in the market of millennials. The all-new is easy to understand logos on the websites have a lot of e-commerce services.

The jewellers have discovered a considerable amount of profit in displaying an estate or commission with a good share of profit. This has been considered as an effective war for targeting the interest of Millennials in the vintage things for attracting the customers who are conscious about the environment. Hence, this post was all about the upcoming trends in jewellery and everything related. Serli and Siroanjewelry store can help you get  the latest upcoming designs.

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