Revlon Nail Polish: Top 10 Shades Handpicked

Revlon is a renowned company that was created in 1932 by Joseph, Charles Revson and Charles Lachman. Its headquarters are in the New York City, the New York and the United states. Over the years it became the most popular priced brand for cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personnel care and won lots of laurels. The cosmetics produced are of high quality and is durable. This company started with the production of nail enamel and has produced wide range of nail color. We all know that the nail polish completes an outfit and is the integral part of the makeup. Different shades of the nail enamel offers different look to the nails and make them charming. Here we have the cool and hot collection of Revlon’s nail enamel that you will surely like.


Pink color is tagged as the girl’s color. This awesome color is all time and all season favorite. The beam sheer nail enamel is embedded with the multiple patented formula that includes the best optical brightener complexion that has the ability to capture and reflect the light and gives out the pure and true color.


This pink color is not too bright. It’s soft and natural color is the appropriate color for office and daily wear.

This color from Revlon beam sheer nail enamel is sober and natural color that looks great in every occasion.
It is the classic color that you will surely like.

2. Revlon Red
PRICE : USD 4.19

Red is the most passionate and dynamic color. Red stands for love and war and is the most vibrant color. This glorious red color will enhance the beauty of your nails and offer gorgeous and sizzling looks.USP

This awesome color will surely set the hearts racing and make you dazzle in the crowd. Your sizzling outfit will be completed by this red color. It can be used in special occasions or the weekends. It is free from toluene and formaldehyde and keeps the nails strong and healthy.

This color is the most vibrant and dynamic color that will keep you delighted and lively.
It can be applied easily without bubbles or brush marks.
It stays longer and keeps shining for at least 10 days.

3. Bubble Gum

This fabulous pink shade is the shade of all the season whether it is winter, summer, spring or autumn it remains the ultimate choice. This bubble gum shade of scented Revlon nail enamel is scintillating and fabulous girl color and can be used every day or on special occasions.

The Bubble gum shade is an amazing shade that leaves fragrance when dried. It is free from formaldehyde and toluene and even protects the nails from the UV rays. It is gorgeous and has an everlasting shine for ten days.PROS
This is fabulous and gorgeous chip resistant and is a long wearing color that looks beautiful and even has amazing fragrance that keeps the aura lively.

4. Peach smoothie
PRICE : USD 3.59

If you want neat and refreshing look than nude colors like this Peach smoothie color is the best choice that you can opt . It is soft and cool color that gives fresh and clean looks. The fragrance will surely attract lots of people and will keep the aura delightful and pleasing.This color is fresh and sober and can be used for casual events and downtime.


Peach smoothie scented color can be applied easily and offers great fragrance with the everlasting smile. The silk protein shield would protect the nails and make them strong. Only two coats of the nail enamel are to be applied to give everlasting shine and smoothness.

It has the UV absorbers to protect the nail color and make it smooth and shining.
It is smooth and soft to apply without brush marks or the bubbles.

5. Blue Lagoon
PRICE : USD 4.49

This color of the season won’t leave you blue but will surely delight you with its charming tinge. It is unique and special shade that will surely give scintillating effect and increases the beauty of your nails. It will look awesome in the daytime and can be used as daily wear.


This color is not the common color that everyone has but its special and fresh color has the mesmerizing effect. This nail enamel is easy to apply and gives an eternal and special beauty to your nails. It is toluene and formaldehyde free and strengthens the nails.

It is easy to apply and lasts for at least ten days with the ultimate blaze.
It is free from brush marks and bubbles.
This awesome color will make you look different and fabulous.

6. Sizzling Coral
PRICE : USD 4.99

This sizzling and trendy coral shade nail enamel is the ultimate color of the season. This color is bright and vibrant and is perfect for the party time or the special occasions. This bubbly and dramatic color is for the dynamic ladies. This Revlon nail enamel is free from formaldehyde and toluene.


This scintillating coral nail enamel is a brilliant color to enhance the beauty of the nails. It dries faster and has the long lasting shine for many days. This color can also be used as daily wear. This color is the dynamic and vibrant color and has the charming effect.

Revlon coral nail enamel is vibrant and exciting color that is easy to apply and has the good value and everlasting shine.
It is free from the toluene and formaldehyde and protects and nourishes the nails.

7. Sunshine sparkle – satin
PRICE : USD 3.99

This gorgeous color will add beauty to your nails. Satin is from the family of yellow color and is the special color with medium tone that will surely enhance the beauty of your nails. This sunshine sparkle avoids bubbles and brush marks and offers soft and smooth nails and offers fast drying.


The sunshine sparkle satin nail enamel is the chip resistance color and looks cool in every occasion. It nourishes and strengthens the nails and makes it smooth and strong. The Revlon nail enamel offers quick drying.

It is the most fabulous color that can be applied in all the season and enhances the beauty of your nails.
It offers quick drying and prevents brush marks and bubbles.
This is not very bright color but gives sober and smooth finishing with everlasting shine.

8. Cherry color
PRICE : USD 3.59

This is the sizzling color that looks elegant and charming. It is the vibrant and lively color and looks good in the party or special occasions, etc. Top speed Revlon enamel sets in just 60 seconds that means if in hurry this nail polish is the ultimate product to use.


The cherry color is the color of merry and joy. This speed fast dry nail enamel by Revlon is free from the Formaldehyde and the toluene. It is the ultimate color that will surely enhance your beauty. The color and shine remains the same for 10 long days.

It sets itself in just 60 seconds and is vibrant and lively color.
It has the ability to protect the nails and nourish them.
It is the sizzling and gorgeous color and is skin friendly.

9. Minted color
PRICE : USD 5.99

Minted color is not liked by all but we chose it due to its soft and sober tinge that can be used as daily wear. This color will enhance the beauty of your hands and feet. It offers silk protein shield and is toluene and formaldehyde free. It is the fabulous and wonderful color that looks natural and gorgeous.


This minted color gives the natural glory and looks fabulous and awesome. It is toluene and formaldehyde free and has a good protein shield to nourish and protect the nails.

This nail color may not be your favorite color but it looks fabulous when applied and gives natural and sober color that can be used as a daily wear.
It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is skin friendly enamel.

10. Violet speed fast dry
PRICE : USD 5.99

The violet color looks gorgeous and sizzling and is a refreshing shade. It has the mesmerizing effect and can be used in the weekends or on the special occasions. It will enhance the beauty of the outfit and makes it complete with its shiny and fabulous look.


The Revlon’s speed fast dry violet color sets in just 60 seconds. This color is not common and has the special and unique look that increases the beauty of the nails. It is toluene and formaldehyde free and makes the nails strong and healthy. It has the long lasting shine for at least 10 days.

The violet nail enamel is lively and vibrant color and looks stunning on special occasions or the weekends.
It can be applied easily without brush marks or bubbles and the color won’t fade for atleast 10 days.

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