Cosmetology: How to Build Clientele

In the iconic musical Grease, Frenchie’s guardian angel begins his serenade with “Beauty school dropout, Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo!” Frankie Avalon’s lyrics tease Frenchie to drop out and join the steno pool. What would a modern guardian angel advise a cosmetology student? Beyond honing their skills with practical experience, make-up and beauty enthusiasts should begin building their client list while in beauty school. Here are the five steps a student can take while in beauty school to build their client list.

  1. Outline your goals.
    What are your goals post-beauty school? Remember to create SMART goals. SMART goals are: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Is a goal of an income equal to $10,000 per month SMART? It is specific, measurable, and timely. But, in the first few months post-graduation, it may not be achievable nor realistic.

    SMART goals will focus your client building plans. Know your area and your target market. Set a realistic and achievable client-building goal. It’s okay to make your first goal to find one client!

  2. Develop your personal business plan.
    Business plans are also known as “roadmaps to success.” These written documents have three purposes. First, it outlines the business’s goals. Second, it explains why they are achievable. Finally, it is a plan to succeed.

    As a stylist, you are your personal brand! Use the time during beauty school to create your plan for success. Your personal business plan will prevent you from getting distracted. Let your goals lead you.NAIL CARE

  3. Build a portfolio
    Word of mouth advertising is one of the best sources for new clients. Without paying clients to send your referrals, you need to use your creativity. Use a digital camera to create your portfolio. Let friends and family be your models. Savvy students will take daily selfies to showcase their talents. Photograph every hair style you master. Digital pictures can easily be deleted, so take more photographs from different angles. Create a collection of photographs for each style, trend, or skill you have learned. Instagram is great place to test your photos before they are added to your official portfolio.
  4. Market yourself.
    It should not be secret that you are a talented hair stylist! Corey Powell is a stylist at the famed Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles. Despite his enormous success, counting Margot Robbie, Kate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz as clients, Corey dedicates time to marketing himself.

    Current beauty school students and recent graduates can learn from his career – know your trade and market yourself! In addition to a personal website, Powell is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He is often interviewed for his expert advice on hair coloring and styling. No matter how successful you may become, marketing yourself is key to continuing your career.

  5. Network!
    Developing a strong social media strategy during beauty school will reap rewards post-graduation. Buy your domain name. Use the virtual space to house your portfolio, contact information, and a beauty blog.

Create a social media profile on every platform that interests you. Beauty school students should strongly consider a YouTube account and Instagram. As a visual art, these two platforms will best showcase your skills.


Remember to network in real life! Attend community events in the area you intend to work. Consider volunteering and clubs. Think about where your ideal clients congregate. Whether it’s the local gym or coffee shop, you want to begin the introductions with potential clients.


Connect with old friends and acquaintances. Ask for email addresses to build your email marketing list. Send out an invitation to let them know when you will be accepting clients. Savvy cosmetology school students will forego a graduation party. Instead, plan a launch party for your career!


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