8 Hollywood beauty tricks to try

Hollywood beauty tricks

Celebs are trendsetters. The style that celebs adorn becomes the latest fashion. Celeb might sport minimalist fashion but the same might look more appealing and glamorous look. To get the celeb look, you simply need to incorporate easy Hollywood beauty tricks in your beauty regime. It is not necessary to splurge money on hair stylists and beauty salons, for the glamorous look. Using the same beauty products tactfully is enough to adorn the celeb style and looks. Read on and adopt these simple Hollywood beauty tricks and tips.

1. Simple pony

A simple pony looks chic and saves you from lot of hard work in getting into intricate hairstyles. You can wear it high, low or mid. You can curl it up or give a slick appearance. The best thing is, you can wear it on any occasion. Use the right serum and hairspray for the styles to hold on flawlessly for a long time.

2. The glow

Over and over we have talked about having the perfect glow on our skins, just like the celebs do. But we can’t really get that through. But this little tip, will take you a long way. The name is: Oil blotting papers. It blots out the excess oils from your skin giving you a fresh look and feel. Press it firmly on your skin and see the magic!

3. Hair color

Hair color can do wonders to your whole image. It can make you look more beautiful. The only workout you need to do is to find the perfect match to your skin tone or else things would go a bit tedious. But well again, it takes a different type of courage to handle all colors, so if you are game for that then you have nothing to fear about.

4. Foundation formula

We all know that the foundation should make our skin look natural and one neat canvas before you get into your creative mode. A little bit of modification can make you look stunning. The formula is quick: Add a drop of aloe to your foundation to smoothen it and see a new tint of color to it.

5. The demi-bob

The hairstyle makes you look not only mod but stunning. You completely stand out with this messy layered cut, a soft fringe and a little short cut from the back. The essentials when you head to a salon to get this cut with a picture: keep in mind the texture, the length and the shape to get it right.

6. Side bangs

Bangs are the quick-fix to get a fad look. It partially covers up your forehead giving a mysterious look to your personality. Wear it to your right or to left, bangs are going to look stylish. The tip: Hold on your dryer and brush together and blow dry your bang section flat out and trailing down from your scalp with a boar hair bristle brush to smoothen out.

7. Easy chignon

From a sad looking bun to a funky and fashionable chignon, the journey is very easy, as easy as switching on the light. On a bad hair day or for a casual look, loosen up your hair and tie them with as much mess as you can. No joking! Pin it up with a dazzling hair accessory and look like a superstar effortlessly.

8. Camo-roots

There are times when you need to disguise your re-growth. The miracle colored hair powders do just the job to temporarily camouflage your roots and suck in the excess oils. A light spray and you look like you have just appeared from the vogue cover page.

A little deviation and change of the way and loads of common sense can make you look and feel like a superstar.

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