3 Beauty tips for aging skin

Beauty tips for aging skin

Ladies, deny society’s view which declares you old. A wrinkled face and grey hair are almost taboo in the beauty editorials of fashion magazines. However, in our opinion, you should embrace your age. After all, with great age comes great wisdom. What you really need to do is take good care of your skin as you grow older. So, before declaring your skin old, just identify what signs of aging it has begun to show. Let’s move on to the tips of not only good, but the best care for your ‘growing’ skin:

Opt for a natural cleanser

1. The first tip is to ensure a clear skin. This is the key to look bright and beautiful. So, at the end of the day clean your skin with a natural cleanser and then cleanse it properly with a non-alcoholic toner.

2. Identify the type of skin you have: oily, dry or mixed. Nourish the uppermost layer of your skin accordingly with the correct products suited to your skin.

3. If you believe in your kitchen, then take the lime out of your refrigerator and add a few drops of honey to it. Clean your skin with this mixture using a cotton swab. But remember not to rub it onto your skin, use it gently. Since lime contains citric acid, harsh use of it can harm your skin.

Water, salads and dry fruits: Your 3 best friends

1. Follow this tip religiously: Replace your snacks with fruits, salads and fresh juices. The maximum intake of these foods can help in making you feel rejuvenated. Even if you had a tough day, a diet of fresh produce will actually make you feel energetic.

2. You can include fruits of various types, say papaya, orange, kiwi fruit, strawberries, watermelon, or cherries. Fruits are rich in antioxidants and contain some percentage of water as well. So, it is like getting the advantage of a two in one pack.

3. Always carry dry fruits like almonds, cashew or hazelnuts with you as they provide great nutrient value without the harmful effects of fast food. Rather than consuming some chips or biscuits, replace your regular snacks with these small wonders.

4. If you lack the time for making salads, then make sure that you eat one fruit daily.

5. Make water your 24/7 companion. It flushes out all impurities from your skin from the inside, keeping it hydrated, glowing and young.

Go au naturel

1. Instead of mass produced cosmetics, why not use face masks made at home? Here are a couple of quick ideas: apply tomato juice, the juice of watermelon mixed with honey, or mashed banana mixed with honey to your face. Let this paste dry and then wash it off after 10 minutes. This will actually make your skin glow.

2. Most women will see the appearance of spider veins, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and dark spots due to sun exposure after 40. The best way to get rid of them is to always wear a sun block with enriched SPF some half an hour before going out in the sun.

3. Also, choose natural colors for make up rather than bright colors. The former will help hide the looseness of your skin. It’s a fact that skin loses its elasticity as you age but trust natural ingredients and natural colors.

4. You should also now begin a work out regimen. Light exercises and yoga can help in shaping your body and tightening your skin.

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