8 Beauty tips for oily skin

Beauty tips for oily skin

People having oily skins are prone to problems like acne, blemishes or large pores. Washing and moisturizing are the basic steps for oily skin. It helps in maintaining the oil balance and lends a fresh look to the face. Drinking at least 8-9 glasses of water can help extract extra toxins from the body. Use milk to wash your face once in a day.

1. Fuller’s earth

Before going to bed, mix multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) and tap water into a paste and apply it on your face. Wash it, once dried. It helps in controlling the level of oils in the skin. Also, an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly product easily available in the market. You can also add milk or rose water as it will give you soft and glowing skin.

2.Orange peels

Dry out orange peels in the sun and crush them into powder. Mix it with rose water and apply it on your face (preferably morning time). You can also substitute orange with cucumber and add little lemon juice with it. Instead of orange you can also use apple or carrot, both equally beneficial for the skin.

3. Sunscreen

Before going out, be sure to apply good sunscreen on your face. It is also advisable to use liquid toner, also known as astringent, which helps in reducing oil secretions and tighten up the skin.

4. Natural products

The normal products available in market like compact powder, foundations etc have essential oils in them. So, use loose powder and opt for natural products. Remember to use oil-free moisturizer before applying make-up.

5. Use cleandrome soap

Those people with oily skins should not use more of gels and creams instead you choose to use cleandrome soap twice a day. Effective for oily skin. Honey, is also an essential ingredient which helps in oil-control in the body. It can be used as pack to balance the levels of oils present in the body.

6. Avoid having oily food in excess

Avoid having oily and fat food in excess as it may disturb the internal balance of body. Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet, which will bring extra glow on your face. Green leafy vegetables, salad, whole grains and nuts will help in solving problems of acne.

7. Spa treatments

Visit a spa, once in a moth in order to get a full and apt treatment, which will help you to overcome the problems related to oily skin. Milk is an excellent product to wipe off the make-up instead of using creams or lotions. It will enrich your skin toxins and reduce the outbreak of excess oils.

8. Use specific skin type products

Many products for oily skin are available in market, be sure to use them on your skin for effective results. Yoga, power-yoga and exercise are also best way to keep oneself free from problems and it helps in stimulation of body oils and moisture balance. Don’t keep yourself too stressed and tired out, because these can also be reasons for oily skin. Try to stay natural as much as you can and enjoy a healthy skin.

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