7 Ways to check if you are wearing excess makeup

Excess makeup

You might think that a quick sneak-peek at the mirror as you rush out is all it takes for you to decide if there is too much makeup on your face. But most of the time, looking into a mirror to decide whether you have got excess makeup, does not really work. Here are a few tips to help you decide whether you are wearing excess makeup or not.

1. Contrasting features

If two or more of your facial features are highlighted, then you most probably have too much makeup on you. The point is to enhance your natural beauty through makeup. If you have bright lipstick as well as a heavy black Smokey eye, it plays up your eyes as well as lips and that is a big no- no! The rule is to play up just one feature for the perfect look.

2. Visible foundation lines

Select a foundation that suits your skin tone. Masking on with a foundation that is several shades lighter or darker than your skin tone can make your skin look heavy and overdone. If you have trouble selecting the shade, salespeople at the beauty counter would be happy to help.

3. Not properly blending the foundation or concealer

Blending is the key to naturalism with makeup. Do away with the ‘painted doll face’ by blending and smudging the foundation well so that it is not distinctly visible over your skin tone as a separate mask. Make sure your hands are clean! or you would have dirty stuff on your face.

4. Blush

Be careful when you apply blush. It is one component that can work wonders to your face but is quite hard to master. If your cheeks literally look like apples, there would be something to laugh at. Blush should be applied on or just above the cheekbones according to your face shape.

5. Multicolored makeup

A lot of overly flashy colors used at once will make most faces look overdone. Stark colors can work well with certain combinations but when used during day time they are sure to have ‘overdone makeup’ written all over them. Stick to a shade or two at the most, at a time.

6. Checking your face in natural light

Your face will look different in different lights. If you have a colored light above your dresser, get it removed. Makeup should be done under natural or usual white light i.e.the lights under which you would spend your day. Natural light is not a liar so, check your face standing near a window, in the mirror before stepping out. Make sure you don’t look washed out!

7. It takes quite some time to wash off at the end of the day

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If it takes more than 15 minutes to wash off your makeup at night, then you have too much makeup on you. It is mandatory that you wash your face every night just before going to bed. Use a good facewash that will proper cleanse your face.