5 Effortless makeup steps to envelop body acne

Covering up body acne

We often worry about face acne and try to find solutions to hide it or reduce it. Seldom do we think about body acne. Acne developing near your neck, shoulders or anywhere else on your body, can be equally discomforting and embarrassing.The red spots can completely disturb the look of the tube tops or low neckline tops. The body acne can be taken care of temporarily with easy makeup steps. We have shared a few makeup techniques to help you to comfortably style that tube top without having to worry about the red acne spots.

1. Ground rules before makeup

Use natural light to identify and clean the acne affected area with water. If you have an oily skin, then use a cleanser with mattifying effects to get rid of that excess oil. Else, it can adversely affect the makeup and your skin will require frequent touch ups.

2. Use of concealer

Use the right amount of makeup concealer with a clean and fresh sponge. Acne can worsen with germs. If you have a used and a dirty sponge, then you must treat it with a disinfectant soap. Unify the concealer inside out for a natural look in one layer.

3. Use of foundation

Tenderly dab a thick, oil-reducing and preferably mattifying foundation with your ring finger (recommended for a gentler touch). Softly tap around the concealed area. Use the right amount else it will look seemingly obvious and unnatural.

4. Use of powder

Setting your makeup is an important finishing step. This natural touch is inclusive of powder. By gently stroking the light power with a squat bristled brush, an amazing texture can be obtained by matching your skin color. Hence, the makeup stays longer.

5. Touch up basics

As and when the need arises, touch up with a foundation soaked sponge and reapply the powder and a blemish-free look. Carry these essentials in your handbag or your vanity box. The frequency of touch ups can vary. If you sweat more or if your clothes are taut, you may need more touch ups. You are the best judge; reapply as and when required. In case of contact with water, repeat all the steps.

Quick tips

Sometimes it is very difficult to get away with pimples and acne. But prevention is better than cure. Say no to fried foods to prevent further acne. Food items that are loaded with oil, sugar and fat can majorly pile up acne problems. Caffeinated drinks such as soda, coffee, etc. are also good contributors to acne. Eat a lot of prebiotic food items. They help in ascertaining good bacteria in our body. Prevent acne from the inside while you hide it from the outside. Green tea, olive oil, berries, lemon juice, watermelon, whole wheat bread and cereals, most importantly water are very essential to have a flawless and a healthy acne-free skin.

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