3 Remedies to tame a sunburn on your face

Exposure to harmful rays of the sun for long period of time can be fatal. It is always advisable to act proactively and prevent the damage. Using a good sunscreen lotion all over your body religiously is most important if you are stepping out in the sun. It is equally important to keep yourself well hydrated with optimum intake of water. However, no matter how many precautions you take, you are never immune. Sunburn can be really uncomfortable. Here, are a few tips that can come handy when trying to tame a sunburn on face.

1. Water therapy

Drinking adequate amount of water each day is important for good supple skin. It becomes especially important to drink gallons of water in an episode of sunburn. Sitting or strolling outside on a bright sunny day can be fun but it does come with a downside. You are most likely to be left dehydrated and sunburned. It is advisable to keep a bottle or two of water always with you while you are strolling outside and basking in the sun in order to stay well hydrated. If you still get sunburned, it is equally important to drink loads of water afterward in order to replenish the loss of fluid amount from the body. Drinking ample amounts will assure speedy recovery.

2. Cool compress

Sunburn is not just nasty to look at but it is also accompanied with terrible discomfort. If you feel a burning sensation all over the sunburned face, you must immediately place a cool compress over the affected area. This will provide some instant relief from that stinging feeling of the sunburn. Though, a cool compress would not help much to bring down the redness but still it will feel good as long as you are using it. If applied regularly at short intervals, this may speed up the recovery process.

3. Simple home remedies

a. Soaking in a milk bath is a tried and tested remedy over the years. This is known to effectively reduce the redness and ease the discomfort associated with sunburn. If milk bath is not feasible, you can just dab cool milk directly onto your face using soft cotton balls. Repeat the procedure multiple times in a day and it will definitely soothe the burn.

b. The thick gel of the aloe vera plant is a great remedy known to take the sting and redness out of a sunburn. Luckily, this wonder plant is available at your local nursery and also in the floral department of any grocery store. Take one broad leave and simply slit open to obtain aloe vera gel. Apply the gel directly to the area. Apply five to six times per day for some days.

c. Grate or finely blend potatoes in a food processor to get a fine paste. If it looks too dry, add a little water in it. Applying this paste on to the face is a time-tested technique to reduce sunburn discomfort and redness. Another less messy method is to first apply the potato mash on to the clean gauze and then placing the same over the burn. Grated cucumbers can also be used in a similar way. They are known to soothe the sunburn and they also act as a cool compress.

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Sometimes, you may need to take OTC painkillers to relieve yourself of the sunburn pain. If the symptoms do not show any improvement, it is best to see your physician.