6 Tips to choose bangs according to face shape and how to style them


Girls often look for ethereal hairstyles which can draw eyeballs toward them. And when you get the perfect hairdo, which you always craved for, the moment turns out to be surreal. Bangs have always been a favorite hairdo among girls. This flatters the face and accentuates your facial features like eyes or cheek bones that you always felt as your prized possession. Through this article we will get to know how to get the perfect bangs based on the shape of the face. We will also check out 15 different ways you can style your bangs.

But, getting bangs just because you wanted to brag among others don’t make sense. If they are not according your face shape you can end up looking disastrous and also ruining your hairstyle. Once you have got the bangs according to your face shape you are sure to ooze elegance and look absolutely regal.

1. Oval face


The lasses who are blessed with oval face can experiment with any type of bangs and it would just look splendid. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing the bangs is the hair texture, length, and eyes type. Because, the texture of mane varies from person to person even the oval faces have to go for this check before getting the bang. You can try for the wispy bangs with some height or the side swept bangs. This later one covers the forehead completely and diminishes the oval look. If you choose the right bang for your oval face it will keep your face balanced.

2. Round face

Girls with round face often have this misconception that they are chubby. But that’s not true. The bang that you get for the round face should cover your cheeks. So, the best is to get long bangs up to the cheeks so that it gets covered. The fringes should be well textured and uneven. You can even go for the choppy fringe.

3. Square face

The despair of the girls gifted with a square face is the broad jaw line. So, all you need to do is to redefine it so that it gives a feminine look. But, if you go for the side swept bangs then you are sure to look beautiful as it will give you an illusion of softening the broad jaw line. Square face shape can also go for the parted fringes as this give an angelic look.

4. Heart shaped face


Those with heart shaped face worry about getting a hairstyle that distracts attention from the prominent chin. So the best bang in this case is the wispy and short one. This is sure to make you look gorgeous. If you are bold enough to experiment then you can try for the thicker bangs.

5. Triangular face

Triangular shaped face should go for thick and straight bangs. Wispy would be fine but angled will be better. The girls with this face cut can experiment with any type of fringes as there are no restrictions.

6. Oblong face

You can try the same bangs as the oval face shapes do. But keep away from long side swept fringes because this will make the face look even longer. You can try the straight across bangs as this balances the width of the face. Choose the one which you feel the best and sizzle up.

15 ways to style your bangs


Even if you have straight hair, or curvy hair you can style them in many different ways. Styling your hair can change your overall appearance. Here are 15 different ways to wear bangs. You can use the one that suits your looks.

1. Loose pin 

If you have got straight hair, then apply some olive oil on your hair and comb your hair with your fingers. Then loosely pin back bangs to the side of your crown.

2. Give them the wet look

Use wet bangs by applying some hair serum when your hair is wet. Grab a few tufts of of your bangs in your fingers and blow-dry the roots. Direct the dryer above the roots and then below them.

3. Straight 

If your hair grow straight down, or they are scrunched up, then wear straight bangs. Straight hair looks good with simple bangs.

4. Weave them

You can also give your hair a new style. If your hair is braided you can wear bangs with weave by using a rubber band.

5. Loose side plait

If your hair is curly, place a small amount of hair on your forehead and put the rest in a loose side plait.

6. Messy look

You can also wet your curly hair, apply some oil for shiny look and then draw bangs from your hair giving it a messy look.

7. Side bang

You can wear your hair flat to your head and then place a pin on the left side and have a side bang.

8. Bangs with pinned up hair

You can curl up your hair and then pin your hair only on one side. Make sure that you use the pin opposite to where the bangs are.

9. Style them with a cap

To give a rock chick look you can cover your hair with a head scarf or cap and leave the bangs open. For straight hair you can simply wear a pin.

10. Bangs with bobby pins

You can twist them and place bobby pins to the side; and keep the rest of the hair open or wear a pony tail.

11. Accessorize them

To give a funky look you can add small colorful pins on them and make a pony tail of rest of your hair.

12. Hairband and bangs

If you have short hair then wear a hair band and keep the them open. You can also iron them and place them exactly in front of your forehead.

13. Leave them loose

You can also part the hair asymmetrically. Then apply a flat iron to give a good volume to your hair and place your bangs perfectly above your eyes. You can also pin your them back and curl the hair up or flip it out.

14. Styling with Pigtails

For a simple and sober look, you can simply wear a pigtail and let the bangs be. You can also pin your them back. Such a look goes with any fashion attire.

15. Puff with side ponytail

You can also crimp your hair or straighten it; then apply a puff and wear a side ponytail. This will give you a new look within a minute.

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