6 Beauty Products that should never be shared

Beauty Products

You may be the best of friends. But even your everlasting friendship is not worthy enough to share certain things; including for the most part, beauty products. Did you know that beauty products harbor large amounts of bacteria that can easily be transferred from one person to another? Take a look at 6 such beauty products that you better not share with anyone, even your bestie.

1. Brushes, Sponges and Loofahs

Beauty Products BrushesUnkempt brushes, sponges and loofahs are great breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes. Sharing these items means liberal sharing of these germs between each other as well. So stay safe and keep your brushes, sponges and loofahs safe as well.

2. Compacts and Creams

Beauty Products CreamThese beauty products tend to attract bacteria like crazy as well. Picture someone with pimples applying your compact or cream and leaving behind millions of microbes on them via her finger or the brush she used. Once contaminated, compacts and creams are hard to disinfect as well. So avoid sharing them at all costs.

3. Eye Liners and Mascaras

Beauty Products Eye LinerDid you know that eye fluids can contain a lot of microbes and can also place you at increased risks of contracting infections from conjunctivitis from someone you share your eye liner or mascara with? The risks of infection increases manifold with liquid based liners and mascaras. Keep this in mind next time you decide to ask your friend for her liner or mascara, or choose to share your mascara and liner with your friend.

4. Lip Balms, Glosses and Sticks

Beauty Products GlossesLike compacts, lip glosses and balms have high chances of being contaminated with germs if you share them with others. The wet formulae based balms and sticks are worse as they provide a moist environment for microbes to grow and multiply. So unless you want to get infected with Herpes in the mouth, keep your lip glosses, balms and sticks to yourself.

5. Face Cleansing Brushes

Beauty Products Face CleansingThese brushes do a great job of exfoliating your skin by removing the pile up of dead skin cells on it. That is why even after being washed properly, they may contain a few dead skin cells. Now consider what would happen if you were to apply the same face cleaning brush on your skin. Instead of removing dead skin cells, you will be adding on the dead cells of another person onto your skin, thus calling for a major bacterial outbreak on your skin.

6. Razors

Beauty Products Razor

The most dangerous of all happens to be the razor which can help in transmitting a horde of diseases from your friend to you. Razors can cause cuts on the skin and can collect miniscule amounts of blood you may hardly see. These miniscule amounts of blood however, are all that is needed to transfer diseases like Herpes and even HIV from one person to another.

There are somethings you can share with others and somethings you cannot. Beauty products fall into the latter category and can spread diseases and microbial infections if shared between individuals.

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