5 Tips to choose a winter fragrance

Winter Fragrances

Winter months are chilly and freezing. Amidst the glacial temperatures and icy breeze, you need to pick strong and penetrating perfumes that can also keep you warm. Fragrances with warm hints or spicy and sweet notes are best for winters. It can be mildly cold, quite frosty, or below freezing. Accordingly pick a perfume to beat the chill and keep you toasty warm. Listed here, are a few tips to pick your winter fragrance.

1. Heavy and intense

Strong scents are a must during the winters. You tend to wrap up your body with layers of clothes thus picking a fragrance that can cut though and reach out is important. Deep woody notes are a good choice for the winters and they also keep you warm. Choose a robust cedar or pine when it gets icy. Try Indian varieties like sandalwood or amaranth wood. Musk is also a hard wearing scent. Nature inspired patchouli, black licorice, and cacao have a sensual and concentrated incense. A classic pick in mens perfume is Cool Water by Davidoff that has hints of rosemary, sage, jasmine, lavender, oakmoss along with the deep musk and sandalwood.

2. Spicy notes

Smoldering hot spices are a great choice for the chilly winters. They have a sensual, warm and invigorating fragrance. Try scents with Asian spices like cumin, tamarind, caraway, and clove. You can also try bergamot, sage, ginger, and rosemary. John Galliano’s Parlez-moi d’amour is infused with spices like bergamot and ginger. Also, Versace Pour Homme has a whiff of musk and bergamot.

3. Keeps you toasty

There are some perfumes that are capable of warming up your body, a sought after quality for the winters. Although it has subtle aroma, musk can warm up your body from the inside. If you prefer light but sensual perfumes then you should certainly go for musk. Most of the earthy scents keep you warm and toasty. Wear these winter scents on the warm spots on your body like collar bones, armpits, wrists, inner elbows and behind the ears. Burberry Brit Limited Edition for Women with its spicy wooden blend will definitely thaw you out.

4. Sweet and balmy

There are many sweet but balmy ingredients that perfume manufacturers use. Cinnamon and vanilla have been traditional favorites when it gets frosty. You can also try fruity sprays of cranberry, tangerine, lemon, blackberry, fig or go for the light sweetness of amber. Caramel inspired aromas of honey and sugar are also great. Carnation, Jasmine, Ivy, Orchid, Bulgarian rose, and Champaca are some floral mists made for the frigid winter months. J’Adore Dior is one such awesome sweet smelling scent.

5. Subtle aroma

Although passionate and intense fragrances are a must during the winter frost, you must not pick a perfume with a very strong smell. Fragrances that overpower your olfactory senses or ones with beefy undertones should be avoided. Winter scents should be deep and penetrating but light. One by Dolce and Gabbana is a classic, although suffused with a heavy cedar wood it also has lighter hints of coriander, basil, and tobacco.

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