5 Things to note when buying makeup brushes

Makeup brushes

As beauty forms an integral part of our lives, make up is also very essential. For executing flawless application of make up, make up brushes are almost indispensible. Selecting a makeup brush of high quality is essential. Using a wrong makeup brush can further spoil the look. Listed here are a few tips to buy the perfect makeup brushes.

1. Fibers

The fibers which make up the make up brushes are of two categories: synthetic and natural. They are usually made from shaved off animal hairs, usually of pony, sable, goat, and squirrel. They are ideal for applying and blending eye shadows and blushes. Synthetic fibers of make up brushes are made from laboratory produced fibers and are thus artificial in nature. They are used for applying liquid lipsticks, cream foundations or cream blushes. They are ideal for those women who have sensitive skin which react to natural fibers.

2. Handles

Conventionally, wood, plastic or resin form the handles of make up brushes. In between the head of the brush and the handle, there is a metal piece called the ferule. The ferule should be properly fixed to the handle to ensure proper application of make up.

3. Choosing make up brushes

There are a few steps you have to keep in mind before investing in a make up brush. First, the fiber of the brush should be carefully studied. It should feel smooth when it touches the skin and not coarse and scratchy. Second, the ferule should be secured properly to the handle. It should not be loosely fixed as that can cause flaws in the application of make up. Finally, the make up brush should be chosen according to the needs of the buyer. If someone is used to travelling frequently, then the handle should be flexible enough to be stored in compact spaces.

4. Cleaning of make up brushes

Regular and proper care and cleaning of the make up brushes will increase their longevity. Natural fiber brushes need more care because of their fragile texture. Cleansers for artificial fibers are widely available. They can be used weekly to clean the brushes and keep them conditioned. Shampoo can also be used to clean them regularly. If the brushes are used to apply different colors and make up, then they need to be cleaned at least every two weeks. If you are using water and shampoo then make sure that the water is cold as this will keep the natural oils in the fibers intact. Also make sure that no residue is left in the fiber. After engaging in a thorough clean up, proper drying is very necessary. Hang the brushes vertically to let it dry by dripping the water. This also helps in maintaining the shape of the brush fiber. Take a conscious notice of whether you hang the brush the other way as this may cause the water to enter the ferule and loosen the glue.

5. Storage

Last but not the least, the brushes should be stored in a proper manner. The brushes should be kept away from direct heat and moisture. There should be space between every brush and the head of the brush should not get crammed. This will spoil the shape of the brush and hinder a flawless application.

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