5 hairstyles on men that women love to hate

Men's hair cut

The hair is something that serves as a huge turn on for women. A smart guy would usually have a suitable haircut of right length and style. We all know that men prefer long hair on women, but do men know what kind of hair women prefer? We have put together a few men’s hairstyles that women love to hate.

1. The hipster mullet

The 1980s saw the likes of Robbie Ray and Jon Bon Jovi sporting the popular hipster mullet hairstyle and similar hybrids. However, the fashion eventually began going out of style in time. Which leads us to the fact that though we don’t like to break it to the boys, the whole party at the back of the head went out of style decades ago. If there’s any party going on, we’d like to see it up front, please.

2. The Jewfro

Men and women alike are familiar with the afro. The style still reigns in some places with certain celebrities. You’re either man enough to get an afro or you’re not. But please spare us the infamous Jewfro. No, it’s not cute and no, women don’t dig it. If you want something that looks like a Jewfro, trimming it regularly would be a good idea. A really, really good idea.

3. Girl hair

There are many ladies out there who like their men clean shaven and with a good haircut. And girl hair is one of their worst nightmares. That doesn’t mean we completely despise long hair, it’s just that when its long enough to be a woman’s, it’s just not a turn on any more. It completely throws us off and can we mention again that hair that’s too long is kind of a huge turn off?

4. The Guido blow out

We’re talking uber-horrible. There’s no other term for it. To say we cannot stand it is an understatement. What woman in her right mind would find a guy whose hair looks like the victim of an unfortunate gel and hair dryer accident, attractive? It makes no sense unless she’s actually into porcupine-like hair.

5. The bowl cut

In the 1990s, the bowl cut was the hottest thing since straightened hair of the 2000s. But that look is long past. Pre-teens may still find it attractive but for the ordinary woman, it just serves as a reminder of boybands of the 90s. So unless you’re a young teen, please don’t even think of sporting such a style unless you want women to leave you alone.

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