5 Ideas to Revamp Your Wardrobe Before the New Year


You know what the New Year holiday means: new goals, new dreams, new you! The new year is a time to make a resolution to let go of the past, focus on improving yourself in some aspect of your life, and face the new year head-on! What better resolution is there than amping up your wardrobe and re-imagining your sense of style? Make a statement this New Year with these five tips on revamping your wardrobe.

Set a Goal

Revamp-Your-WardrobeIf you start by taking a look at your current wardrobe and figuring out what you don’t like, you are in a great place for improvement already. Try asking yourself your main issues in the past when it came to defining your style. Do you not feel confident in the colors present in your wardrobe? What about the silhouettes? Do you not feel classy or professional at work? Set a goal for how you want your new wardrobe to make you feel, and then you can work on deciding what new pieces fit that mold.

Define Your Style

Now you get to define how to make your goal come to life. Get your Pinterest board ready and start finding pieces you love! Do you love the way you look in skinny jeans? Do you know your wardrobe won’t be complete without a vintage style dress? Do you absolutely have to have a cute pair of feminine western boots? Save pictures of these styles you love so you can start creating ideas for outfits. You can bring your list of must-need items with you when you go shopping.

Analyze Your Lifestyle


You want to embody your new style all the time, so why should you stop feeling confident in yourself if you’re simply running an errand or going to the gym? Luckily, planning out what activities you do each week can help you to define how you want to portray yourself when you know you will be spending time exercising or going to the grocery store. Plan out how to incorporate your new style into each aspect of your life.

Detox Your Closet

Here comes the hardest part: getting rid of your old clothes. It may be painful to say goodbye, but it is for your own good! Here’s a good rule to follow. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, then it probably doesn’t make you feel confident and it doesn’t deserve a spot in your closet. Besides, you’ll want to make plenty of room for all your new pieces!

Go Shopping!

ShoppingAlthough you may be tempted to get everything in one big trip, that might be a bit overwhelming. Write yourself a list of everything you know you want to buy, and then organize it by what you think is a priority. For example, a sweater may be more beneficial this time of year than a sun hat. Don’t forget to accessorize! That perfect bag may be just the thing to amp up your style year-round.

Now that you’ve made a list of what you need to do for the perfect style reveal, your new, confident self can start focusing on the exciting adventures that await you in the new year.

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