5 Fantastic detox foods for summer

Top Detox food for summer

It is very easy to lose weight with the right selection of food. They are very helpful in maintaining body in proper shape and make you look beautiful with vibrant skin. Summer is the perfect time to shed those last few pounds from body. A good detox plan includes eating healthy ingredients which are rich in antioxidants. Here is a list of detox foods which you can include this summer for the best results:

1. Beets


Beets are ultra rich in anti oxidants. They supply potassium to the body along with magnesium and fiber. If you consume beets regularly in your diet it helps to detox the liver, which in turn insures proper functioning of the digestive system. You can add them in your salads or eat them in breakfast with your sandwich. You can eat them raw for fantastic results.

2. Orange


Citrus fruits are very beneficial for health and a perfect element to add to diet to have detox effect. They are rich in vitamin C and that give a glow to the skin. Vitamin C helps in cleansing skin. It also helps to reduce weight very easily without much effort. You can eat them or drink their juices.

3. Cherries


Eating cherries will load your body with antioxidants. They are also a tremendous energy source. Cherries are rich in vitamin C and iron which insures proper cleansing of skin. Eat a medium sized bowl of cherries to maintain the metabolism of body. Besides these, cherries also help in regulating the sleep pattern of an individual. Prepare a mouth watering dessert or add to your diet as a salad to get benefit of this fruit.

4. Turmeric


Turmeric contains numerous qualities in it and is certainly beneficial for a healthy detox. It contains curcumin that provides yellow color to it. It is a natural cleansing food that eliminates toxins from liver. Just sprinkling a few pinches of turmeric on salads can do wonders for your skin and health.

5. Watercress


This is a vegetable with a natural diuretic effect and eliminates free agents from the body. It has a high mineral content which will provide energy to the body. You can make delicious salad from watercress and enjoy its nutritious benefits.

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