4 Products That Will Winter-Proof Your Skin

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Winter-Proof Your Skin

At this very moment, there are people in the world who are literally counting down the days to summer. Their summer bodies are ready, they have swimsuits and sundresses ready, and there’s a sunny vacation on the cards for them. But what that means is there are people in other parts of the world preparing themselves for the winter. Like Game of Thrones, there are a lot of people realizing that #WinterisComing.

Winter can be a challenging time if you’re not into it, not only do you have to be all bundled up in coats and layers but your skin care can really take a hammering with all that cold weather.

Why winters can be bad for your skin?

dry skin

Many girls feel like their skin becomes completely different in winter, even taking on a different skin type entirely. This is actually pretty normal so don’t freak out if it happens.

Winter is bad for our skin because cold temperatures actually remove moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, flaky and chapped. So if you don’t take care of it, you might find skin issues popping up. You will find that you need a lot more moisturizing or maybe even some reinforcements in the form of another product to boost your moisture. It’s not just facial skin, your lips, scalp and body also needs some extra attention.

4 Products That Will Winter-Proof Your Skin

If you’re worrying about what winter is going to do to your skin, don’t panic, we’ve come up with a list of the perfect winter survival kit so you can still glow. So even if the temperatures start to tumble, you can still keep youthful looking skin with a few tweaks and additions to your regimen. 

1. Really Good Lip Balm

Try a lip balmNobody likes dry lips. We don’t like the way they look or the way they feel. In the cold months, it’s like your lips can never have enough moisture. You constantly have to apply and reapply lip balm to protect your lips from the elements. If your lip balm doesn’t last long in winter, it might be time to switch up for something more capable. For a really rich, organic and super hydrating lip balm, check out naturesrepair.org for some great choices, that will get your smackers through winter. 

2. Intense Moisturizer/Oil

MoisturizerYour normal moisturizer might not cut it during winter because your skin needs more coverage, or your normal options don’t last long enough. This is where a face moisturizing oil or cream comes in. Add it to your daily beauty routine to make sure your skin doesn’t become dull from being attacked by the bad weather. Contrary to what we’ve been taught, oil can actually be very good for your skin if you buy the right one. There are plenty of products on the market that will actually help your skin glow and keep you looking good when the weather cools down. 

3. Creamy Products


Most women like to use gel cleansers and facial wash, and in summer when you need something light and breathable, that’s great. In winter however, you have to switch gears and opt for a cream gel and cleanser. Creams don’t have to cost you a lot either, the market is filled with so many wonderful options that fit any budget or skin type. They have a lot more moisture which gives your skin some much needed hydration, and in winter hydration is the key!

4. Blusher

BlusherJust because the weather is getting dull and miserable, doesn’t mean your makeup looks have to be. That’s why we recommend adding some color to your face, especially a touch of blusher. In the cold weather it actually makes your face look brighter. It makes your skin pop and brings a little summer feeling to your winter living. On top of that, a little color will cheer you up and make you smile because of how youthful and fun it feels. Let’s face it, in winter we need all the fun we can get!

One strategy I’ve learned with my skin is to use different products in summer and in winter. So for example, I use a lighter skin moisturizer in the hot months, but in winter I like to add Clinique’s Moisture Surge to my skincare regimen. The same product would be too heavy in summer, but it’s perfect for those freezing months. It’s all about learning what your skin needs from season to season and making sure you feed it. Remember if you take care of your skin, it will take care of you, and it will show in a lovely glow in winter.

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