4 Best nail enhancements

Beautiful acrylic nails

The modern woman is not completely dressed without trendy nails. She has a lot of choice, from a wide range of colors, designs and nail accessories. She can coordinate her nails with her outfits, to complement her sense of style and even, to make a statement.

For women who want those long, elegant nails that sparkle, all it takes is the right nail embellishments to change the appearance of your hands. However, certain products you apply to your nails can have an unwanted effect; they may be harmful. Chemicals in nail varnish have been associated with birth defects and cancer.

You can have amazing nails with nail enhancements. Very small health concerns are attached to them. Moreover, they utterly reshape nails into works of beauty with minimum work.

Let’s take a look at the best options available for the regular girl.

1. Acrylic nails

These are the foremost choice among the young girls and women. The nails are strong enough to not chip on hard surfaces and are long lasting. Additionally, women can decide on the length of their acrylic nails, whether they want it long or short. This advantage attracts the preference of women.

The process of acrylic nails is easy. A tip is glued onto your natural nails; meanwhile acrylic powder is mixed with a liquid to form an overlay to be positioned over your own nails. Acrylic nails demand you get them filled in every two weeks or more, to conceal the growth of your natural nails underneath them.

2. Nail decals

Plaster attractive nail stickers onto your nails, irrespective of whether nails are natural, acrylic or gel. Decals are usually applied over colorful nail polish for a funky appearance. Choose a flattering pattern of nail decal from a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and colors. Sparkling and graphic nail decals have the potential to make your nails pop. Nail decals are fabulous and complimentary for any number of occasions, from parties to weddings. After the decal has been placed, a coat of clear polish sheathes the nail.

3. Gel nails

These are a type of acrylic nail enhancement, but in a gel form. They can be hardened under ultraviolet lights. Once you put on gel nails, your fingers will feature a natural look. Gel nails are touted as the optimal choice as they do less damage than other options such as acrylic nails. Unfortunately, gel nails are softer than acrylic nails; their structure is easily damaged.

4. Soak-off gel lacquer

A new kind of nail enhancement, which is at present solely offered by the OPI brand of beauty products. It is similar to gel nails, meaning the layer can be dried under a UV light. The most highlighted benefit of the soak-off gel lacquers is you can layer the top of the nails with any nail polish, at any time. Furthermore, the lacquer is comparatively easy to use on your nails and it is simple to remove after a period of time. The process does not involve any drills or filing down of your nails.

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